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May 18, 2005

United States Oklahoma Region Earthquake Increases Cataclysmic Event Probability ‘100 Fold’ Russian Scientists Report

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Scientists are reporting today that the chances of a cataclysmic earthquake event occurring in the Americas has increased over 100 fold following the earthquake this week in the United States Oklahoma Region and which has shown the probability of the Meer’s Fault Line in that region awakening.

The 2.9 magnitude event in the Oklahoma Region on May 16th has been preceded by:  May 16th, 1.6 magnitude event in the Tennessee Region; May 15th, 1.5 magnitude event in the Southeastern Missouri Region; May 13th, 1.6 magnitude event in the Southeastern Missouri Region; May 1st, 4.1 magnitude event in the Arkansas Region; April 21st, 3.0 magnitude event in the Texas and Oklahoma Region. 

These earthquake events are also occurring in near simultaneous occurrences with similar earthquake events in the Icelandic and Northern Atlantic Regions where two Great Plates of the world meet, and of which we have previously reported in numerous reports, including    "Massive Pressure Builds upon North American Plate as Continued Bombardment of Earth’s Atmosphere by Cosmic Blasts Shake Worlds Weather Systems", and wherein we had stated;

“In our March 6th report titled "Arctic Circle Earthquakes Begins North American Continent Instability, Greater Earthquakes Sure to Follow" we had warned about these events by stating; “And now today as we are evidencing these events, not to the ‘stability’, but rather to the ‘instability’ of the entire Eastern Seaboard Regions of the areas of Canada, the United States and the Caribbean Sea are we concerned about. Of concern to Russian researchers has also been that the United States Geological Service’s Quaternary Faults Maps for the Eastern Regions of this country are non-existent, so no further estimations can be made as to the immediate future course of these events. 

However, if these Northern Hemisphere events are indeed mirroring those of the Southern Hemispheres experience in December, 2004 (where an arctic pole (north or south) earthquake event precedes a much larger boundary plate event) a much larger event for this troubled region may be imminent.”

The earthquake occurring in the Oklahoma Region has further confirmed Russian Scientists theories that pressure being excreted upon the North American Plate has now reached its ‘final’ destination in the Meer’s Fault Region, and of which we can read, "The Meers fault is a crack in the earth's crust.  The 15-mile-long fault can be seen from the air.  This fault is special.  It is the only fault that breaks the surface of the Earth east of the Rocky Mountains.  The fault is a part of the Wichita Mountains, the oldest mountains in North America.  Once they were higher than the Rocky Mountains.  But as the wind blew and the rain fell for millions of years, they were worn down.  On April 20, 1997, the first earthquake ever felt in Oklahoma was recorded.  It had a magnitude of 2.  The center of the quake was two miles west of the old Pine Ridge community.  The quake was close enough to Meers to break the pen on the seismograph."

Mention also must be made of these earthquake events occurring in what is known as the New Madrid Fault Zone, and of which we can read, "The New Madrid Seismic zone lies within the central Mississippi Valley, extending from northeast Arkansas, through southeast Missouri, western Tennessee, western Kentucky to southern Illinois. Historically, this area has been the site of some of the largest earthquakes in North America. Between 1811 and 1812, 4 catastrophic earthquakes, with magnitude estimates greater than 7.0, occurred during a 3-month period. Hundreds of aftershocks followed over a period of several years."

The Department of Geology for the American Southern Illinois University seismic monitors for this New Madrid Fault Zone Region has also been recording tens of thousands of micro-quakes, and as is evidenced by their monitoring stations.    Dr. Robert Nadeau of the United States Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has previously reported on the significance of these micro earthquakes in being precursors to much larger earthquake events;

"We have since found a highly organized relationship between the intervals of individual microearthquakes in clusters, the occurrence of the larger events, and changes in fault slip on the surface," Nadeau says.

The 1992-94 events and the magnitude 6 earthquakes of the previous century all started within the same region of the San Andreas Fault, a strip eight kilometers long. They resulted from sudden releases of strain built up between the rocks of the Pacific Plate to the west, which is gradually but intermittently sliding northward, and the North American plate to the east. Slippage starts at a quake's hypocenter, typically 8 to 10 kilometers beneath the surface in the Parkfield region. In the historical magnitude 6 quakes, slippage was widespread; in the smaller 1992-94 events, slippage was localized."

Speaking for the vast majority of Western scientists against any attempts to warn people about earthquakes has been Tokyo Universities Dr. Robert J. Geller who in his 1997 research opinion titled "Predictable Publicity" had stated, "The scientific community has buried its head in the sand when it comes to dealing with prediction claims. The basic problem is that most of these claims are stated in such a vague and ambiguous way that objective testing is impossible. First, we have to waste enormous amounts of time just sorting out whether or not the "predictions" were "successful." But this is an exercise in futility because of the ambiguity of the "prediction" announcements. And after that we're faced with the even more daunting task of evaluating whether or not the "predictions" have outperformed the null hypothesis."

Dr. Geller further states in his report  for these Western peoples that warnings are equal to money, not human lives;  "The popular idea of an "earthquake prediction" is a warning of an imminent damaging earthquake, given with sufficient accuracy and reliability to permit closing schools, factories, and businesses, mobilizing civil defense forces, enforcing full or partial evacuation, etc.

The costs of such measures would be enormous, so extremely high reliability and accuracy would be required. Pulling some numbers out of a hat, let's say we would need a 50% chance of being right, and accuracy of one day in time, about 50 km in space, and 0.5 in magnitude. While there's room for disagreement, something of this order is required before prediction would pay off. But there are no good prospects for prediction at all at present, let alone with this accuracy or reliability.

Even if the prediction of individual large earthquakes were a goal that could be realized, it would still be of questionable utility. People would be far better off living and working in buildings that were designed to withstand earthquakes when they did occur."

But while Western scientists continue to follow the absurd ‘wisdom’ of those such as Dr. Geller, other world scientists are forging ahead in this area, such as Dr. Pyotr Shebalin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics and Academic Secretary of the International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and who said to the Russian News & Information Agency in their article titled "New Period of Global Seismic Activity" to the question asked, “Can earthquakes be predicted?”,

"In addition to taking measures to prepare for earthquakes, Russia is conducting research in the field of earthquake prediction. One of the leading research centers is the International "Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was founded and is still headed by Vladimir Keilis-Borok. Aided by American scientists, the Institute has managed to prove that, in principle, it is possible to predict seismic activity.

A team of scientists from the Institute and California State University in Los Angeles, led by Keilis-Borok, has developed a new method, which has substantially improved the accuracy of earthquake prediction and reduced the number of false alarms. Two earthquakes have already been accurately predicted, both about six months in advance: the earthquake off the coast of the Japanese island of Hokkaido on September 25, 2003, and the earthquake in Central California on December 22, 2003. In addition, predictions of an earthquake on the Slovenian-Austrian border in July 12, 2004 and a series of quakes in Japan in September and October 2004 turned out to be largely accurate.  It is still too early to determine how successful this prediction method will be. However, it is clear that a significant breakthrough in earthquake prediction is imminent."

It is no wonder that the vast majority of these Western peoples are perpetually perplexed as to the significance of these events, even to the point of ignoring their own Military Leaders advice for preparing for earthquake events, and as we can read as documented by the Americans own Department of Homeland Security in their telling their citizens, "Earthquakes are often thought of as a West Coast phenomenon, yet 45 states and territories in the United States are at moderate to high risk from earthquakes and are located in every region of the country.", and further designates the areas of the Americas most concerning Russian scientists called the New Madrid Fault Zone, with their Highest Warning level, surpassing even many of their Western Coastal Zones.

Even to the United States Center for Disease Control has gone out their warnings to their citizens, "While California has been the state most prone to serious earthquakes in recent years, there are many other fault zones in other areas of the United States. For example, geologists and seismologists have predicted a 97 percent chance of a major earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone of the central United States (including Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky) between now and the year 2035."

But sadly even with these warnings, even with the present enormous pressures building upon the North American Plate, very few even think about these things, even less are preparing for them.

What types of peoples do not prepare themselves, their children or their families for survival, and instead of preparing continue to bury themselves in gigantic screen televisions and every other imaginable kind of technological wonders to the expense of those things needed for survival?  Do they imagine within themselves that in desperate times they will be able to eat them?  Is this not insanity?

So today we send forth to these Western peoples yet another warning of the terrible things to come, yet in the hoping that to even one of them their lives might be turned towards true things, real things and in seeing they will understand, in understanding they will prepare.

© May 18, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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