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April 20, 2005

Axis Power United States Begins New Crackdown on Internal Resistance, New Economic Laws Criminalize Escape, Allows for Confiscation of Property

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that interrogations conducted by United States SSB Military Forces of American Resistance Fighters, and who have recently been the victims of one of the ongoing series of mass arrests occurring in America as we’ve previously reported about in our article titled “10,000 Americans Detained as United States Mass Arrests Continue, American Congress Pushes for Laws to Label Political Dissidents as Mentally Insane", has led to the American FBI issuing an urgent warning to its National Police Forces.

Not a warning about the dangers from foreign attacks either, but from Americans Resistance Fighters themselves, and as we can read in this article by the British Newspaper The Times in their article titled "US fears new far-right attack ten years on from Oklahoma" and which says, "On a day that the FBI issued a warning about the continuing threat posed by domestic American extremists, Oklahoma City fell silent at 9.02am, the exact moment that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed by a massive fertiliser-based bomb that killed 168 people, the work of an American army veteran with a hatred for his own government."

What is most ominous about this warning is the speculation that the American Military Leadership is about to make their previous allies their new enemies by the specific targeting of those very peoples and organizations that had brought them to power in the first place, and just like Nazi Germany’s Hitler had done to his Sturmabteilung (SA), also known as Hitler’s brown-shirted storm troopers.

Of these Sturmabteilung right wing troops loyal to Hitler we can see that when Hitler’s popularity began to fall among the German people he ordered the SS and Gestapo to arrest and shoot without trial over 1,000 SA leaders. 

And in yet another example of history repeating itself we can see that the Military Leader of the United States, President Bush, has also lost the support of those who brought him to power, and as we can read in the American Newspaper Washington Posts article from last week titled "Bush's Poll Position Is Worst on Record" and which says;

"Bush has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in his second term, according to Gallup polls going back to World War II. Bush's erosion of support among independents in particular has helped bring his overall approval rating down to 45 percent. Forty-nine percent disapprove of his performance."

Not known to many of these America people are the true facts showing how the Military Rulers of this Axis Power have risen to power utilizing the very right wing factions that they are now intent upon destroying. 

Such was the power of some of these larger right wing groups to elicit support for these Military Rulers that the United States Homeland Security Police Organization did not even include them as being terrorist groups, and as we can read as reported by the American CQ News Service in their March 25th report titled “Animal Rights Groups and Ecology Militants Make DHS Terrorist List, Right-Wing Vigilantes Omitted", and which says;

"The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not list right-wing domestic terrorists and terrorist groups on a document that appears to be an internal list of threats to the nation’s security."

“They are still a threat, and they will continue to be a threat,” said Mike German, a 16-year undercover agent for the FBI who spent most of his career infiltrating radical right-wing groups. “If for some reason the government no longer considers them a threat, I think they will regret that,” said German, who left the FBI last year."

Using history as a guide to explain these events is becoming much easier for a transfixed world watching as this American nation descends into madness, and merely by the fact that their Military Leaders are not just mirroring the actions of Nazi Germany, but are following them nearly exactly.

Even to the Germans ability to make the most restrictive laws on their citizens even so is the United States doing today, and as we can read in this article from the ABC News Service in their article of today titled "Bush to Sign Rewrite of Bankruptcy Code", and which says, "Americans weighed down by credit card bills and other financial obligations will have a harder time wiping out their debt under a bankruptcy bill President Bush is poised to sign. Many debtors will have to work out repayment plans instead of having their obligations erased in bankruptcy court under the law, which will go into effect six months after Bush signs it Wednesday."

These unsuspecting Americans do not even realize that once they are under the provisions of this new Bankruptcy Code they will be unable to leave the United States. Should they escape they are able to be hunted down as International Economic fugitives and have any property or assets left behind in the United States confiscated by their government, and as happened also to the Jewish peoples who escaped from Nazi Germany.

So intent are these Axis Powers Military Leaders to enslave their own people, that though the main effects of these new Bankruptcy laws do not take effect for 6 months, the provisions under their Title 18 Criminal Code Sections go into effect immediately today when their President signs these new laws rendering escape without confiscation impossible for these Americans.

As today’s events show the world yet again, the attempt to crush those few American Resistance Fighters still loyal to their country’s ideals happens as also the noose of tyranny grows ever tighter around the necks of their fellow countrymen, but who remain asleep and unaware of the chaos and madness soon to overtake them.

© April 20, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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