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April 17, 2005

To World’s Outrage United States Harbors Wanted Terrorist, as American People Continue to Ignore Cries of Freedom Shouted at them from Mexico and Egypt

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

As the world map continues to burn with the continuing onslaught of the advancing armies of the Axis Power United States, all of the earth’s nations have heard loudly the call to world conquest by the American Leader himself who has said, and as quoted from the United States White House News Service in their article titled "International Campaign Against Terror Grows", and wherein he stated for the world to hear, and heed, "I think most people in the world understand that I was very serious, and they're serious, when we say if you harbor a terrorist, you're just as guilty as the terrorist."

From these words spoken by the American President in September, 2001, the world has not failed to notice how the United States has backed them up with ruthless military action against enemies, both real and imagined.  Ones mind cannot even contemplate the swift and terrible retribution these Americans would exact against any nation found harboring a terrorist responsible for the killing of unarmed men, women and children.

But as life and history has taught us all, and in too many past examples to list, once again we see reality turned to farce in that even as I write these words the United States has been discovered protecting one of the most ruthless terrorists in the world today, and as we can read from the Australian News Service in their article titled "Venezuela asks US to hand over terror suspect", and which says;

"Venezuela said it would demand Washington hand over an anti-communist Cuban exile wanted for terrorism by Havana after his attorney said he had travelled to the United States to apply for asylum. Luis Posada Carriles, who holds Venezuelan citizenship and who once escaped from jail in Caracas, has been accused by Havana of several attacks, including the bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed dozens of people."

From the GNN News Service we can further read about these events in their article titled "Bush silent as top terrorist seeks US asylum", and which says, "While Posada Carriles entered the country illegally, his presence here has hardly been a secret. His supporters in the extreme right-wing anti-Castroite exile circles in Miami’s Little Havana have launched fund-raising efforts on his behalf, and his lawyer held a press conference Wednesday formally announcing his bid for asylum.

Yet the Bush administration, in the face of demands from the governments of both Cuba and Venezuela for Posada Carriles’s extradition to face charges of international terrorism and murder, has remained totally silent. It has made no move to take the terrorist into custody and is, in every sense of the word, harboring him. Apparently, he has spent the past two weeks negotiating his status with US immigration officials and the Department of Homeland Security."

Long has it been known about these Americans that the only lives that are important to them are their own.  To have brown skin, black skin, speak any language other than their English, live in poorer countries, all of these and more make the vast majority of the world their targets as they do not believe these peoples to be human beings. 

Sadly too the American peoples themselves support these fascist views of their military leaders, and as well evidenced by their ignoring the cries of freedom being drowned in both Mexico and Egypt by the United States backed dictatorships in both of these poor countries.

From the British Guardian Newspaper in their article titled "Mexico City Mayor Stripped of Immunity", we can hear the cries of these Mexican people about those attempting to destroy their most popular leader, "Lawmakers stripped Mexico City's mayor of immunity from prosecution, clearing the way for criminal charges that his supporters say have been trumped up to keep the popular and left-leaning politician out of the presidential race. In a defiant speech before a crowd of more than 100,000 cheering supporters, Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday he would go to jail if necessary, pledged to continue his bid for the presidency and said he was being persecuted for his efforts on behalf of the poor."

From the Middle East News Service in their article titled "Thousands join pro-reform rallies in Egypt", we can hear the cries of these Egyptian people struggling under the inhumane polices of the United States backed dictator for life Mubarak, “Egyptian security forces arrested two activists Tuesday as thousands of students staged a new round of demonstrations across the country to demand more political reform. "We decided to organize this day in all universities across Egypt so that the political leadership realizes that the youth are in dire need of freedom," said student leader Karim Farhat. Thousands of university students up and down the country responded to a call from leaders of the banned but tolerated Muslim Brotherhood movement to protest in the latest in a series of grass-roots challenges to veteran President Hosni Mubarak."

How well the world knows the true lessons of these fascist militarists of the United States, and like their in spirit counterpart of the Nazi Regime of  the last century, we can hear Hitler’s  cry of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’ being shouted once again across the world.  But not to freedom and democracy for people do these fascists every cry, only to the freedom and democracy of their fascist corporations do they mean for this freedom and democracy to go.

How willing silent also are these American people being led like little children, not even knowing, or bothering to know, that their fascist military leaders are not just like the Nazis, they are the Nazis.  Even to the farce that called itself an election these people did not even care that their only choices for their Military Leader were both members of the Teutonic Order of Skull and Bones.  If is as if the images of the horror wrought upon the world by the Nazi SS Storm troopers, with their Skull and Bones insignia, has been completely forgotten by these peoples.

Even to their present Military Leader of today, and whose family brought into power the Nazi regime, these Americans do not even wish to know.  To the world and history however it is well known how the grandfather of the present Military Leader, Prescott Bush, also a Teutonic Skull and Bones adherent, worked for the great financier of the Nazi Empire Fritz Thyssen and also managed a part of the slave labor force of the giant German chemical corporation IG Farben, and which the American Military Leaders of World War II refused to have bombed.

Not even to their caring or knowing to these American people either is that their great military intelligence leader, Allen Dulles, also worked for the German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, Prescott Bush and IG Farben, and who was responsible for the saving of thousands of German Nazi war criminals when as the head of the American CIA he actually provided these war criminals sanctuary in the United States.

The perverse absurdities of the machinations of these Nazis would almost be laughable if not for the hundreds of millions of human lives lost to their dreams of Empire and world domination.  As the International banker Felix Warburg controlled the United States Federal Reserve to the benefit of the Americans and British during this last Great War, his brother Max Warburg controlled the German banks to the benefit of Hitler and the Nazi’s.  And to the Russian peoples Max Warburg is well known for his support in unleashing upon the Russian peoples the communist Lenin in 1917.

Even today these Americans care not for these true facts, and continue in their slumber as their Nazi Masters plan for their complete and utter destruction. 

Today the United States and its people harbor one of the world’s top terrorists.  Today the United States and its peoples continue to ignore the cries of freedom from tyranny being shouted at them by the peoples of Mexico and Egypt.  Today the American people will gather in their churches and pray for the success of their Military Leaders and believe they are true champions of freedom to the world’s people.

Today the American people still fail to see the gathering storm clouds on the horizon of their future, and the world despairs as a nation and a people is once again ruled by the cruel masters of the Skull and Bones.  

© April 17, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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