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April 4, 2005

Arctic Wildlife Continue Southern Exodus as American Reports Confirm, Western People Still Fail To Heed These Warnings

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

In my March 6th report titled "Arctic Circle Earthquakes Begins North American Continent Instability, Greater Earthquakes Sure to Follow", I had stated;

“Reports have reached us today that the Franz Josef Land archipelago Region of Russia, and in the Arctic Circle, has been stricken by a series of powerful earthquakes. The Seismic Network of the Russian Academy of Sciences is currently estimating the largest of these events to be over 6.0 magnitude event, and covering an area of the Arctic Regions of tens of thousands of square kilometers.

Occurring also with these events in a symbiotic relationship, with the depth of 33 kilometers being the common factor, was another earthquake event in the Quebec Region of Canada, and as reported by the Seismic Network of the Russian Academy of Sciences as having over a 5.0 magnitude.

These shallow focus earthquakes, of depths less than 75 km, are of great concern to Russian scientists because of their great potential for harm, and also as foretellers of larger events to come.”

In my January 16th report titled "New, And Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas", I had also stated, “As the world continues to reel today from a seeming to be never ending series of global chaotic events, more ominous signs of imminent cataclysmic events are continuing to occur.

Reports have been received today that another warning sign from the whales has now been delivered to the doorsteps of the Americas with the beaching of a large pod of “at least 17” whales in the North Carolina Region of the United States.  Another media report says about this event, "More than 30 pilot whales beached themselves on the coast early Saturday, and at least 15 of them died, officials said."

Prior warnings to the Great Tsunami of 2004 were given by the whales to the peoples of the Indian Ocean region, and where in this news report we can read, "In late November a pod of 53 pilot whales beached themselves at Maria Island less than a day after 97 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins died on King Island."

To our knowing the animals of the land, the sea and the air have been leaving the Northern Polar Regions in great numbers these past few months, and now even to the attention of the Americans, and as we can see as reported by the American Newspaper Sun-Sentinel in their article titled “Bizarre species sightings leave Floridians perplexed", and which says,

"Something strange is stirring in and around Florida's coastal waters.  In the last few months, fish and bird species have been popping up in places they're not normally found. These transients aren't arriving in huge numbers, just an oddity here and there -- an Arctic bird off St. Augustine Beach, spiny dogfish normally farther north found in Ponce de Leon Inlet.

``Something's going on in the North Atlantic,'' said Chuck Hunter, an Atlanta-based refuge biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."

To instructions, guidance and warnings are these Western peoples not knowledgeable about and have not heeded our previous warnings of these things, neither to the separate warnings received in each of them do they listen either.

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