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April 1, 2005

Israel Allows Manasseh Tribe to Return, Worlds Fate Now Sealed

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Reports have reached us today, and as we have known and prepared for since our olden times, that the Tribe of Bnei Menashe (children of Manasseh) are returning to Israel, and as we can read as reported by the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz in their article titled “Amar: Bnei Menashe are descendants of ancient Israelites”, and which says, "Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar decided on Wednesday to recognize the members of India's Bnei Menashe community as descendants of the ancient Israelites.  Amar also decided to dispatch a team of rabbinical judges to India to convert the community members to Orthodox Jews. Such a conversion will enable their immigration to Israel under the Law of Return, without requiring the Interior Ministry's authorization."

As the older son of Joseph we know well the following of Manasseh to their sun-god Re, having been taught in these mysteries by their priestess mother Asenath.

 To the ‘Cult of the Sun God’ and their false god Akhenaten once again will the world see the powers of their destruction and subjugation of human life. Even to those warnings left to us from those times that this Akhenaten was not even to human form.

"In sculptures and paintings of Akhenaten, he is shown as having a long, slender neck, a long face with a sharp chin, narrow, almond-shaped eyes, full lips, long arms and fingers, rounded thighs and buttocks, a soft belly, and enlarged breasts. His odd appearance was particularly prominent in art from the early part of the reign. One early statue portrays the king in the nude and without genitalia of any kind."

As in the old times also Manasseh’s return to Israel begins with the desecration of the sanctity of Jerusalem itself, and as we can read as reported from the United States Newspaper Detroit Free Press in their article titled  "Religious Unity in Israel: Clergy condemn gay festival", and which says, "Alarmed by an international gay gathering planned in Jerusalem in August, Israel's chief rabbis joined top Christian and Muslim clerics Wednesday to condemn the event and warn that it could trigger unrest.  Representing communities that are sometimes bitterly divided by political and religious conflict, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergymen appeared at a joint news conference organized by the chief rabbinate in a rare show of unity.

They issued a declaration warning that holding the gay event in Jerusalem would "desecrate its sanctity and character and cause a breakdown in public order," and they called on Israeli authorities to prevent it. Jerusalem was chosen as the venue for WorldPride 2005, a 10-day festival organized by InterPride, the International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Coordinators, which organizes gay events in various countries."

Not to the remembering of these Western peoples are they of the times of Noah, and of Sodom and Gomorrah, to these desecrations, and their consequences.  Like drunken children with no mothers or fathers to guide them are they led into constant debauchery.  To mockery and ridicule of these things they do, as if their drunken laughter and scorn could even change the cruel fate that awaits them.

To those who do know the truth of these things have tens of thousands flowed towards the Holy City to reclaim the Temple, and as we can read as reported by the Jerusalem Post in their article titled "Police to bar Temple Mt. gathering", and which says, "Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco has decided to bar a massive Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple Mount by a group of ultra-nationalists opposed to the planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip following multiple intelligence warnings that such an event could prompt Palestinian violence at the bitterly contested holy site, police said Tuesday. But organizers said that they were going ahead with the event, which is scheduled for April 10, setting the stage for a major show-down with police outside the Jerusalem site next month."

Jesus said: Perhaps men think that I am come to cast peace upon the world; and they do not know that I am come to cast dissensions upon the earth, fire, sword, war. For there will be five who are in a house; three shall be against two and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitaries." Thomas Saying 16

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