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March 8, 2005

As Violent Storms Rage Across the World, the United States Begins Covert Killings of Dissidents and Destroy Yet another Sovereign Nation

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

From our Russian scientists we have learned today that grave events are now surrounding the latest assault upon our planet by an unceasing, and increasingly more powerful, series of energy blasts hitting the earths Southern Regions.  Reported to us today are that the scientific monitors measuring these blasts have exceeding their calibrated limits too.

The first effects of this latest round of blasts have caused a rare antipode weather event where massive storms are hitting both the North American and Australian continents.

From Australia we can read this report from the Australian News Service, titled “Residents alert for 'perfect' storm”, and which says;

"Australia’s worst cyclone in 30 years is bearing down on the Far North Queensland coast as thousands of residents prepare for a double whammy of a massive king tide in the region. Category five Cyclone Ingrid was 240km north-east of Cooktown at 5pm (AEST) today, and had picked up speed as it moved at 10km directly west towards the coast. Dozens of coastal communities in the line of the storm were packing sandbags, felling trees, and gathering emergency supplies as the cyclone moved closer, packing winds of up to 300km/h. The worst cyclone on the east coast for more than a century formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria four days ago."

Simultaneously the National Weather Service of the United States has issued powerful storm warnings for its entire Eastern Coastal Regions due to a massive winter hurricane forming in the Atlantic Ocean, but to the proper warnings of their citizens of this event they are not doing.

Today this massive American storm has its center still over their land mass, but with an extraordinarily central pressure reading of 987mb.  Upon reaching the ocean surface this massive storm will become even greater, and to loss of life and property for the Coastal Regions of the Americans is sure to follow, with the greatest effects being felt in the Coastal Regions of Canada, and as reported today by the Canadian Weather Service which says, "An intense low pressure system from the gulf of the Maine move to lie near Rimouski Wednesday morning then will move northward of Québec. Very great amounts of snow are expected over all the regions of the lower St Lawrence and of the centre of the province."

Not being knowledgeable about the true events surrounding these antipodal storms these Western peoples will not be prepared for the earthquakes in the Atlantic Ocean Regions that could possible follow, or, and as I had previously writing about to you in my report titled "Arctic Circle Earthquakes Begins North American Continent Instability, Greater Earthquakes Sure to Follow", the intense pressures that are occurring now in the North American Plate.

Reports from Russian intelligence sources have also reached us that the expected executions of  those who have been seeking to warn Americans about the true facts of these, and many other, things has begun, and as we can read in this article, "Mysterious deaths weaken the ‘left-wing media’ myth", and which says;

"A common misconception some are led to believe is that the mainstream press has a liberal bias.  Those ascribing to the “liberal bias” myth believe the press will take any attempt to tarnish the President and other right-wingers credibility and reputations. If this were so, surely they would’ve picked up on the suspicious suicides of people pointing fingers at our government leaders — Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Webb, Terrance Yeakey and Margie Schoedinger. Ironically, all four lives ended before evidence could be presented calling out the political heads involved in corruption and scandals."

To our knowing, but not to these Western people, the Axis Powers, and like all tyrannical regimes in history, cannot allow living those who oppose their rule.

Even to the worlds hoping that when this war is finished justice will finally prevail we can see also the extremes that the Axis Power Member, The United States, are going in their attempt to evade this justice, and as reported by the Pacific News Service in their story titled “U.S. Threatens Bolivia in Effort to Secure Criminal Court Immunity”, and which says;

"The U.S. government is demanding that the Bolivian Congress approve an agreement that would grant immunity to U.S. troops and officials accused of human rights violations, exempting them from prosecution by the International Criminal Court. That effort, which includes a threat to withhold financial aid and access to free trade..."

Against this South American Regions poorest country this Axis powers rage remains undiminished, and as yet another government seeking not to bend to the will of these tyrants falls, and as we can read as reported by the Canadian Newspaper The Globe and Mail in their article titled  "President of Bolivia tenders resignation", and which says, "In a blunt televised address, Mr. Mesa blasted his chief opponent for leading street protests instead of working through congress to achieve his goals."

But to the worlds knowing, the ‘working’ through normal channels is not the way of these Americans, only to the manufacturing of lies to their own people and to the paying of these ‘demonstrators’, and as we have seen all to often in, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Syria and now one of the worlds poorest countries, Bolivia.

To the American people themselves, those who continually believe their military government’s propaganda, they lie to themselves in believing that the world fears them, and their mighty weapons of war.  But it is not to fear against this Monster the world has, no, it is hatred.

What can anyone say about such people?  What can finally move them to action before they lose everything, even their lives?  Nothing and all the evidence shows this to be true above all other things, and this is clearly shown in that the man picked to be the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and hence the world, actually despises the United Nations, and as we can read from the United States Detroit Free Press Newspaper in this article titled  "Bush nominates controversial Bolton for UN ambassador job", and which says,  "President George W. Bush on Monday nominated Undersecretary of State John Bolton, a prominent conservative in the State Department and a longtime critic of the United Nations, to become the U.S. ambassador to the international organization."

© March 8, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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