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March 5, 2005

The Last Ritual Has Been Preformed, ‘Around the World Flight’ Signals All Out Global War, Great Strife in America

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

The Western world’s people were in great joy yesterday upon receiving the news that for the first time in earth’s history a single man had flown around the world without stopping.  As reported by the Voice of America News Service about this event we can read, “Aviator Steve Fossett became the first person to fly solo non-stop around the world without refueling when he landed the Global Flyer experimental plane in Salina, Kansas Thursday.”

Lost to these Western people though, about this event, is that by the accomplishment of this feat, the human followers, Masonic Order, of their Dragon masters have completed their ritual for signaling to the rest of the world that they are now in total control of this world, and now too world events.

So steeped are these Masons in their rituals that even a school child could follow their paths of destruction, and as I had previously reported to you in my August 13, 2001 report titled, “Mass Sacrifice of Earth Animals Show Global War At Hand”, I had written, “Tonight the fires of sacrifice to the dragon gods of old burn once again upon the earth as tens of thousands of sheep and cattle are burnt all across the English countryside.  To our knowing these pyres of sacrifice have only one meaning, and that meaning is global war.”  When their sacrifices were completed, and as we know, our world was once again plunged into global war by the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.    

For this latest ritual we can see that the starting and ending point are at the geographical center of the United States, and as we can read, "In this quiet little park, in extreme Northcentral Kansas is located the exact Geographic Center of the continental United States.  At one time a motel and cafe operated at the site, but today it's just a peaceful out of the way place to have a picnic."

A peaceful place to have a picnic?  No, and to our knowing this place is instead the century’s old designated spot foretold by our ancestors of where this event would occur.  Not known to many of the Western peoples are that these Masons went into the Americas, protected by their dragon masters and with a knowing of every single place of importance to occupy and to build upon, including this area of Kansas.

Following another of the many historical trails of these Masons we can see this particular Lodge’s travels and occupation of the areas in Ohio of the Mound Builders and then the very ‘heart’, geographical center, of the United States.

From the historical records of this region we can see the following, "Salina's history dates back to 1856 when a colony, organized and led by Senator Preston B. Plum, located a settlement on the Saline River near the present site of the city."  From his United States political biography we also know about this Preston B. Plum that he was born in the Ohio Region of the United States, and as his biography says, "PLUMB, Preston B., a Senator from Kansas; born in Delaware County, Ohio, October 12, 1837; attended a preparatory school; learned the trade of printing and afterward purchased and edited the Xenia News; moved to Lawrence, Kans., in 1856, to support the “Free-State” movement."

From the historical records in Ohio we can read of this father, "Among the names of early settlers in this township we notice those of John Patterson, Maj. Thomas Brown, Solomon Jones, James Gregory, Nicholas Handley, " Nijah " Rice, David Pierce, Joseph Pierce, Maj. Plum and William Gamble."

We can further read that these settlers were the followers of the American Revolutionary Mason military leader Moses Byxbe, and as we can read from their historical texts, “Colonel Moses Byxbe of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, purchased 8,000 acres in this township and led his first group of settlers here in 1804. After erecting cabins, he returned east and persuaded others to follow to his lands. By 1806, the original Berkshire Township was founded by included parts of Brown, Kingston, Berlin, Orange, Genoa, Trenton, and Sharon Townships. The others formed separate townships until the present Berkshire Township remained in 1821. Follow the links to find out more about Berkshire Township.”

It should also be noted of importance that these Masons led by Moses Byxbe were well knowledgeable about this region of Ohio they were occupying, as this was the once home of the ancient peoples in American known as the mound builders, and as we can read, “The second race, "continues the same authority, " as determined by the character of their civilization, were the Mound-Builders, the remains of whose works constitute the most interesting class of antiquities found within the limits of the United States. Like the ruins of Central America, they antedate the most ancient records ; tradition can furnish no account of them, and their character can only be partially gleaned from the internal evidences which they themselves afford.”

But, and as we know, these ‘internal evidences’ these historians speak of were long ago stolen from these Great Mounds of the Ancient Giants and reside now in the many Masonic dungeons in both the United States and England, and like many other of the world’s treasures too.

Also not being noticed about this event by the Western people’s is the curious circumstance that this small American city, Salina, Kansas, and of which we can read, "The City of Salina is located in north central Kansas, near the geographic center of the contiguous United States. It is the seventh-largest city in Kansas, with a 2000 U.S. Census Bureau estimated population of 45,679. Continued growth has brought the population to over 46,000.", also has an airport containing one of the world’s largest runways, and of which they say about themselves, “The fact is, Salina has about the best available runway facilities in the entire country. Two miles of primary runway, and a general aviation reliever runway.”

A small American city, in the middle of their country, hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from the great cities of the United States, having an airport that rivals those of many cities around the world having millions of people would seem very curious at first glance, except for our knowing that this Kansas Region is not only the geographical center of the United States, but is also the place for one of the largest underground cities in the world.

Of public information about this vast underground city there is little, and as we can see from this encyclopedia example, “Salt is produced from underground mines in Rice, Reno, Barton, Ellsworth, and Sedgwick counties in central Kansas. One section of a large salt mine in Reno County has been converted into a records-storage facility for government agencies and industrial firms.”

But to Russian intelligence sources this underground city is very well known, and is the main location for the underground evacuation of the privileged citizens in America for protection against the violent cataclysms soon to occur.  From a private American website, US Underground Bases, we can read also about this area, "KANSAS: 1. Hutchinson, Kansas, Function unknown, Tunnels to: Kinsley, Nebraska.  2. Kansas City, Kansas, Function unknown.  3. Kinsley, Kansas, Function unknown, Tunnels to Colorado Springs, Colarado, Hutchinson, Kansas, Tulsa Kokoweek Peak, SW California, Notes: Gold stored in huge cavern, blasted shut. Known as the "midway city" because it's located halfway between New York and San Francisco."

Like the allusion of the founding of America itself, this ‘round the world’ event was accomplished by an American, Steve Fossett, with his British master, Sir Richard Branson, standing quietly in the shadows, and as the British Dragon masters of these American people have always done.

And to the rest of the world these Dragons have sent forth the ‘message’, “We Control the very Heart of America and our Power and Technology spans the Entire World.”

Yesterday the Western World peoples celebrated what they believed was a triumph.  Instead they were unknowingly celebrating the last ritual of their total destruction as a nation, and as a people. 

How far, how very far these Western people have strayed from their ancient knowledge and the words of their own prophets, and who have warned them;

"I removed the boundaries of nations, I plundered their treasures; like a mighty one I subdued their kings. As one reaches into a nest, so my hand reached for the wealth of the nations" Isaiah 10:13-15

Today the Hand of God stands poised over America, may He have mercy on them. 

© March 5, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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