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February 22, 2005

As Civil War Looms In Israel, American Military Forces Prepare for Intervention and Occupation

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

News has reached us today that the expected signing by the Axis Power leader of Israel, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, of the order to forcibly remove Israeli settlers from the occupied regions of Palestine has occurred and has set the stage for the outbreak of civil war in this troubled country.

From the Israeli newspaper Haaretz we can read that, “A day after the prime minister signed the evacuation orders, the settler leadership gathered for a marathon debate about the future of their struggle and the chances of foiling the disengagement plan."

A part of the effort for the ‘foiling’ of this plan, and contained in this same Haaretz article says, "The Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District plans to deploy 100,000 demonstrators in the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank to prevent the disengagement plan, settler leader Pinhas Wallerstein said Monday."

Another Israeli newspaper, Israel Insider, in reporting about this event has quoted the feared Israeli Zionist leader Uzi Landau in saying, "...Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has proven he is capable of caving in to that demand, Likud "rebel" leader Uzi Landau said Sunday. Fearing Sharon's "disengagement" plan will lead Israel down a slippery slope of surrender, Landau said those loyal to the Land of Israel would fight a fierce battle to save Jewish Gaza and the settlements of northern Samaria."

This article also contains the reason for the rebel leader Uzi Landau and his follower’s reason for initiating civil war in saying, "Landau also warned that Sharon and his government appear to be preparing public opinion for violence against any Jews who refuse to abandon their biblical and historical right to settle the land."

So feared is this Zionist rebel leader that the Israeli government has banned him from speaking outside of his own country, and as we can read, and as reported by the world’s leading Zionist organization, the World Jewish Congress, "The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has expressed its dismay at the reported decision by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to prevent cabinet minister Uzi Landau from speaking abroad, a decision which strikes a blow at the cherished principle of freedom of speech."

To such an extent this settler problem has grown we can see by the reports from the Palestinians, that since 2003 the number of settlers in the occupied Palestinian Territory in has reached over 429,160.

The levels of insanity have reached such an extent in Israel that we can see again written in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper this comment;

"If we want to summarize in one word the public atmosphere in present-day Israel - somewhere halfway between the idea of disengagement and its implementation - perhaps we will need the word "frenzy." That state between a hysterical trance, a spirit of craziness and self-arousal to the point of insanity. And this driving oneself into a frenzy characterizes not only the settlers and their supporters, but all of politics and the media as well."

This same article also says, "Moreover, just when the disengagement became an official law of the Knesset this week, they still upped the dosage of threats that they are bringing to bear against the State of Israel, its government and its leader; they announced "an intensification of the struggle" and "moving it into the street," after it "failed parliamentarily"; they have presented an ultimatum: a national referendum or a civil war; they sent their children to act hysterical and crazy in wild street demonstrations; they have begun to threaten to "paralyze the country" and in the future, even to damage its infrastructure."

Such fear of these rebels are justified because of their killing their own Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by one of the followers of this civil war movement Jewish law student Yigal Amir, and of which the American News Service CNN has said, "Surrounded by guards and a barrage of journalists, Amir was led into Tel Aviv's main court in the same clothes and black skullcap he wore when he fired the fatal shots Saturday. Amir told Magistrate Dan Arbel that Rabin wanted to "give our country to the Arabs." "We need to be cold-hearted," he said."

Of continued astonishment also, and as always, are the reactions of Israel’s Axis Ally the United States, of which there is none.  It is as if this horrific event does not even exist to them, but to the Israelis it does, and as best said by the Israeli writer Uri Avnery, who writing in the American magazine Counter Punch has said, "Everybody in Israel is talking about the Next War. The most popular TV channel is running a whole series about it. Not another war with the Arabs. Not the nuclear threat from Iran. Not the ongoing bloody confrontation with the Palestinians. The talk is about the coming civil war."

To those believing that the vaunted power of the Israeli military forces will be able to make quick work of these rebels Mr. Avnery, also in this article, dispels any illusions of this being so by saying, "The conquest of the army from the inside began long ago. The "arrangement" with the yeshivot (religious schools), that serve in the army as separate units, has allowed the entry of a huge Trojan horse. In any confrontation between their rabbis and their army commanders, the soldiers of the "arrangement yeshivot" will obey the rabbis. Worse: for years now, the settlers have systematically penetrated the ranks of the officers' corps, where they now constitute an even more dangerous Trojan horse."

This civil war in the nuclear armed Axis Power ally of the United States, Israel, is suspected by many in the Russian intelligence organizations to be the event that allows the introduction into Israel itself for US Military soldiers and equipment. Long has been the secret goal of these powers to fully meld the political and military power of these two countries, even to the claiming of Jerusalem like their historical counterparts the Crusaders.

In a previous report I had written to you, “Massive US Military Movements Move World to Twilight of War”, it was said, “This report further says about this event, “Citing reports from their correspondent in Basra and other eye witnesses, more than 65 military jets left Basra airbase and 40 American ships left the port of Basra, all carrying the troops to Kuwait. The sudden departure was also confirmed by Mr. Kamal Albasry, an administrator in charge of Um Al-Qasr port.”

It now becomes clearer to us the final destination, and the use of, these US Military forces.  And yet once again I say:

In this twilight of time, and while the forces of battle are gathering, the world prays that the American people will awaken from their sleep before all is totally lost.

© February 22, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors to protect their safety.]

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