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February 4, 2005

Mysterious Siberian Blast Coincides With Antarctica Ice Sheet Collapse Report

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Many reports have reached us today from the Chukchi peoples of the Chukotka Military Okrug regarding mysterious sky events, severe ground shakings and explosions.  Of first concern are the nuclear reactors located in Bilibino and if there has been a catastrophic accident, but we have received no reports indicating this has occurred.

What we are being told from the local population are that a “fantastic” sky event turned the atmosphere an “electric blue” colour over a large area of many kilometers and which was then followed by an “enormous” explosion like sound and then a powerful earthquake.

Speculation about these events is only available until more information has been gathered from the local peoples. 

Towards speculation though is the concern that the phased antenna array transmitters for the American scientific research program for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.), and located at the Bilibino nuclear reactor complex as has been said, may be responsible for these events.

Combined American and Russia research into the earth’s higher atmospheric regions have been increasingly frantic these past few months as the continued bombardment of our world by an increasing amount of mysterious cosmic rays is greatly increasing the buildup of nitrogen oxide and leading to continued global weather chaos, ozone layer depletion and strange weather systems for the whole world.  Further reports from America indicate that their government has also recently issued air condition alerts relating to these events, but as always without informing their populace as to the true nature of this impending disaster.

Not even the sun is cooperating because of massive disturbed regions of the sun are about to turn again towards the earth in this coming week, which will lead to further ozone depletion, weather chaos and massive ejections from the solar regions towards earth.

Warnings about the continued ozone layer depletion have been issued for the European countries by their scientists, and as we can read, "European scientists confirmed that Arctic high atmosphere is reaching the lowest ever temperatures this winter, warning that destruction of the protective ozone layer is substantially increased under very cold conditions. First signs of ozone loss have already been detected."

Much more ominous for the world’s people however comes from the world’s top scientists who have reported in the New Scientist publication,  "The massive west Antarctic ice sheet, previously assumed to be stable, is starting to collapse, scientists warned on Tuesday. Antarctica contains more than 90% of the world's ice, and the loss of any significant part of it would cause a substantial sea level rise. Scientists used to view Antarctica as a "slumbering giant", said Chris Rapley, from the British Antarctic Survey, but now he sees it as an "awakened giant."

A number of reports have also been sent to me relating to a phenomenon the Western people refer to as Chemtrails. From this initial evidence we have been able to understand that these Chemtrails are related to an American attempt to forestall the increasing atmospheric deterioration by means of increasing the cloud cover over large regions of North America, and is similar to these types of experiments being conducted by our own scientists.  American government secrecy surrounding these Chemtrails, and their reasons, are however leading to much concern for many Western people.

As more about these events are known they will be reported to you.

© February 4, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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