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January 22, 2005

Western Nations: A Tapestry in Ruin

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

To the many perplexities and contradictions of the Western peoples minds much can, and has, been written about over the centuries.  All written by them too, it goes without saying, and against their own principals as embodied in the ancient saying “A physician should not heal himself.”

As it became more known to them that their paths of life, and living, were not in step with nature, and as even stated to them by their ancestral knowledge and ancient religions, they did allow simple truth to stop their direction towards destruction and instead created a new religion of their own they have named  Psychiatry.

To the origins of this new and strange religion we can read about its history as written by the Department of History, University of Oregon, United States, which says: “Forensic psychiatry emerged as a professional activity in the United States during the first third of the nineteenth century when four major factors coalesced: the medicolegal vision of early American physicians, the introduction of new theories about insanity, the concern of early state governments with mental health, and the advent of marketplace professionalism.

From the outset, forensic psychiatry found itself involved in the adjudication of wills. The evidence suggests that postmortem diagnoses of insanity were employed through the middle decades of the nineteenth century to maintain stable and predictable patterns of property conveyance in the new republic. But such diagnoses then became something of a fad, a way to raid estates.

Courts and legislatures reacted against that trend during the last decades of the nineteenth century, when fundamental social stability was no longer an issue, in order to protect individual testators and limit the power of forensic psychiatry. By the early decades of the twentieth century, patterns had emerged that have since been taken as normative.”

But the “normative” of this new religion took an even more ominous turn by the placing of human beings in psychiatric institutions at the turn of the century called insane asylums.  ‘These give us the earliest look at psychiatry's barbaric practices. These institutions were basically prisons where the insane were kept, or rather anyone who a certified doctor would label as insane.’

‘Holes were drilled in the heads of patients to relieve "brain pressure", but before that it was done by the same practitioners to "exorcise demons". Cages were installed on the heads of patients. Straight jackets, restraining tables, and shackles were common. Common therapies were "hosing down" the patients and spinning them round and round on a chair in an attempt to rearrange their bad brain atoms. While psychiatry continued to develop newer methods, these were always oppressive and based on nothing even remotely approaching any legitimate concept of science.’

It is understandable too why the Western people needed this new religion because they had spent the greater part of 2,000 years in the extermination of the worlds older peoples and there was no existing religious thoughts left to condone their ever increasing sense of guilt from their many barbarities.

To our own countries shame this Western religion was used by the Communists in their efforts to subjugate all to their will. But to the Western people the tragic lessons learned by our country are not only not being heeded they are being incorporated into their own laws now, and as we read from this news report in the United States, “This past spring, the Illinois General Assembly passed a new bill requiring compulsory mental health screening for children and pregnant women; it was signed into law by Governor Blagojevich. This program will require all pregnant women and children through the age of 18 be tested for mental health needs.”

But to the validity of the teachings of the earth’s older peoples, who are opposed to this new Western religion, some Western scientists are starting to understand the older ways.  This has been documented in research done by Dr. Stanley Krippner who has stated in his report titled “Conflicting Perspectives on Shamans and Shamanism: Points and Counterpoints”, "Ecopsychologists take the position that human beings are an integral part of a greater system, and that the health of this system requires sustainable and mutually nurturing relationships not only among its parts, but also between the parts and the whole. Healthy functioning needs to include the realization of this interconnectedness and interdependence, an insight that has been part an essential part of shamanic traditions for at least 30,000 years."

The dangers to the world of the Western mindset are numerous and well documented as they pertain to the earth itself, and its resources, but left unsaid are the present and future effects of their insanity.  Just because they have lost the knowing of their spirituality and souls, does not mean that their souls and spirits have ceased to exist. In fact the opposite is occurring with their spirits and souls now creating universal chaos, and which is in turn leading to even greater cataclysmic events to occur.

On December 18, 2004, numerous Western websites were reporting the warnings of devastation to occur in an American city on December 27th. 

ALERT! ALERT! Possible Stage-attack on Dec. 27th, was one such headline, and reported by the American website Portland Independent Media.  This was a warning based upon anonymous information that was not confirmed by their police authorities.

Though this disaster did not take place we are all familiar with the events of December 26th and the Great Tsunami of 2004, which to this date has claimed over 250,000 human beings lives.

Are these two events connected?  To the Western people they are not because they do not know of the connections between all things and all events.

Now, today, we are again facing from the Western people another such strange event taking place.

On January 18th a great number of us received this urgent message from America:

“Dr. Melvin Laney "Son of Joseph" He warned me to in the summer of 2001 that the WTC would fall soon, that the balloon would go up over several east coast cities and that the mail would be used to deliver biological weapons. He tried to recruite me and my Muslim friends...He is a mah=jor insider in the NSA/CIA/NRO system and Master mind of the ETC and Pentagon disasters. I reported him to the authorities gave my name and they have chosen to ignore me.  I have contacted the NY State Attorney's office and no response.  I have left messages at the office of organized crime and no call back...I want to talk to them..and yet they give more attention to an annoymous caller.  I have met the beast and he is upon us...He has told me exactly what he was going to do and so far he has been right on target!! 4 bombs are targeted for east coast cities....Sounds like this is Boston scare is miss direction to tie up resources while they bomb Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk/Newport News and Charleston SC. I am prayiong that he will be stopped, but the fellow is inside the system and is very clever. He told me he purchased his house on the highest ground in the middle between the two cities so he could watch the balloons go up - (nuclear bomb mushroom clouds).  I have been trying for four years to bring attention to this fellow.....and have been completely ignored...Please Pray ,Charles Bigelow [email protected]

This message was then followed by this one:

“This fellow Dr. Melvin Laney told me in the summer of 2001 that the US would be turned into an unihabitable waste land.....He is currently at his house 150 Spencerville Road, Maryland coordinating the sneak attack. His number is 301-384-5505. He is recently returned from Saudi Arabia where he was coordinatingterrorist attacks to prevent the Saudi's from investing Billions in the renewable energy business. Inshallah we shall overcome this evil person and his gang. Charles Bigelow [email protected][Ed. Note: United States Laws require the full posting of persons names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, if known, relating to possible terrorist threats.]

News reports from America then followed on January 19th that stated,   "The FBI is seeking to question four Chinese nationals amid unconfirmed reports that they are headed to Boston as part of a possible "dirty bomb" plot, authorities said on Wednesday.”, and as reported by the Reuters News Service.  

In today’s American news this story grows further in the reporting that, "The list of names linked to a tip about a possible terror threat against Boston continues to grow.  There are now 13 Chinese nationals, two Iraqis and one man of unknown nationality being sought for questioning.", and as reported from Washington D.C.


As to these events happening we do not know, but more important are the connections between the events of December 27th, Predicted Loss of an American City, and December 26th, The Great Tsunami of 2004 and how they both relate to the lost knowledge of their souls and spirits through the practice of their new religion Psychiatry.

The absence of knowledge never constitutes non-existence, as we know, so their lost spirits and souls make for these Western people present myths and dreams that manifest themselves throughout their popular culture in their books, television stories and movies.  It is a great contradiction that for a people that craves to know all things in the future that they in fact are the greatest predictors of the future.  They just don’t understand what their other selves are showing them.  

A great past example was in the book story about the greatest ship to ever set sail, the Titan.  The 1898 novel by Morgan Robertson, "The Wreck Of The Titan" almost exactly mirrored the actual sinking of the great Titanic in 1912, including these similarities: Number of persons aboard: Titan - 3,000, Titanic - 2,207 Number of lifeboats: Titan - 24, Titanic - 20  Speed at impact with iceberg: Titan - 25 knots, Titanic - 23 knots  Displacement tonnage of the liner: Titan - 75,000, Titanic - 66,000 Length of the liner - Titan - 800 ft., Titanic - 882.5 ft. Number of propellers - Titan - 3, Titanic – 3

A more recent example of this was an American television program called the Lone Gunman of which is known, “The FOX TV series The Lone Gunmen (X-Files spin off) airs their opening episode "Pilot" six months before 9/11 which depicts a secret U.S. government agency behind a plot to crash a Boeing 727 into the WTC via remote control and blame it on foreign terrorists in the hopes of generating a bigger military budget.”

Into all of this can we also add the news of the European Nations landing a satellite this past week on the Saturn moon of Titan?  Not as they are now, soulless and faceless. They will not understand, they cannot understand.  Even to present to them new ways of thinking, but are really old ways but are new to them, is to provoke their anger. 

To each of them there belong the smallest pieces of truth, and wisdom, that they hold onto and magnify and then declare themselves as all knowing.  To confront even the kindest of them to the showing of their errors is to elicit from them much hatred and ridicule towards ourselves.  There is no counting the number of their made up new religions, remade old ones and their many other strange and confusing spiritual beliefs, all touching upon but never encompassing the truth and always dividing them one from another.

The worst thing for most of them to hear is that every answer is inside of them already and the need to look elsewhere is useless, at best, and dangerous, at its worst.    

They are like the children who in believing they know everything in fact no nothing.  And how do you teach children who believe they know all?  They are learning this lesson now.

Many are the treads of the future laying all about the Western people’s present lives, but nary a weaver to weave the tapestry of the future for them.

© January 22, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.

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