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Note: This is an urgent private letter intended for the sole and exclusive use of the patron/donors to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.


Blood vs. Ballot Box: America Sets Itself On Civil War Collision Course


25 October 2019

Hello Folks,

The world we all lived in yesterday no longer exists and will never been seen again—the reason is because two implacable forces have set themselves on a collision course to the death—the first one being the made up “open and shut case” to throw President Donald Trump from power—and the second being a very real criminal case just opened a few hours ago by US Attorney John Durham against those trying to throw Trump from power—both of which have opposing facts and narratives that can’t be reconciled with each other—only one of which will be able to survive and stand in the burning ashes of its vanquished opponent—which in turn will decide if the United States is to be governed by blood or the ballot box—a sobering reality known by the near 70% majority of Americans who believe their country is on the brink of a civil war—as determined by a scientific Georgetown University Civility Poll of hundreds-of-thousands of citizens that gravely found—across demographics of age, race, sex and political affiliation—these peoples stating the obvious fact: “our political culture has become too uncivil and lacks a focus on solutions”.



On the last day of the old world that will never exist again, Sister Ciara sent to you her special report “America Now Under Mortal Threat As World Around It Burns” giving the Biblical guidance we need for these perilous times—with the one striking me as the most important for your knowledge today being the words “there is no new thing under the sun”—and upon my hearing a little while ago that US Attorney John Durham had opened a criminal probe to counter the Trump impeachment hoax making civil war a near certainty, saw these words flooding my mind along with the old song lyrics: 

Country roads, take me home

To the place I belong

West Virginia, mountain mama

Take me home, country roads



So right now, I’d like you all to take the country roads of America with me and go home to West Virginia—a place you truly belong in if you’re to gain the greater understanding of this “nothing new under the sun” world we live in—not the West Virginia of today though—but the one that was birthed on 13 May 1862 from the blood and carnage of the greatest war ever fought in the history of the United States called the American Civil War—a civil war that cost the lives of over 700,000—and if fought today, would see the deaths soaring over 6 million—but when factoring in modern weapons, the true total number of deaths in a new civil war would climb into the tens-of-millions.

With our being home in West Virginia in the early 1860’s, we first find ourselves in a place that doesn’t even actually exist—but whose mountainous lands are a part of a nation tearing itself apart because of its new Republican Party President Abraham Lincoln—the most hated and reviled President in American history who ascended to power with only 39.8% of the popular vote of his citizens causing nearly half of the States under his control to rebel against him—a rebellion led by the State of Virginia who raised a massive army to throw Lincoln from power—but who failed to notice that a sizable portion of their citizens loved and supported Lincoln—all of whom lived in Virginia’s northwest mountain region—and when their State leaders rebelled against Lincoln, saw them creating their own State. 

In 1860, the most populous State in rebellion against President Lincoln was Virginia—and whose counterpart today is the State of California—a State in full and open rebellion against President Trump whom they view as being illegitimate because he only got 46.09% of the popular vote—whose war against Trump is now being warned is destroying America—today sees Californiateetering on the edge of financial ruin”—sees 53% of its citizens wanting to flee—and sees these citizens, also, arming themselves to the teeth—a mass arming these peoples of California are doing in preparation for their rebelling against their own State so they can support Trump—and whose Trump supporting conservative secession groups are now saying that succession is the best bet “to keep the nation from devolving into violent civil war”—and who last year read their Declaration of Independence to found the State of New California as their first step to what they hope will eventually lead to statehood.


New California (in blue) declares its independence from socialist-led State of California


During a 1977 meeting in the White House, President Jimmy Carter is reported to have said “whatever starts in California unfortunately has a tendency to spread”—and with the now unstoppable titanic forces behind throwing President Trump from power pitted to the death against those forces determined this will never happen—over the coming weeks and months you’ll be seeing citizens of other leftist States in rebellion against Trump demanding their freedom and independence from socialist tyranny, too.

As to how President Trump is going to respond as his nation tears itself apart is a foregone conclusion—he has no choice but to do what President Lincoln did to preserve the United States, uphold the oath he took to protect his nation’s Constitution that’s inexorably linked to keeping their Union whole.  



Standing opposed to President Trump and his preserving of the United States and its Constitution are his socialist-globalist enemies—chief among them George Soros, who has just proclaimed that the tide is turning back to globalists like him—with Soros further saying that Trumpis an aberration” whom he “will contribute to his demise next year”—and whose self given power over America to destroy it forever he describes as: “The arc of history doesn’t follow its own course. It needs to be bent. I am really engaged in trying to bend it in the right direction.

You know, of course, that what Soros and his socialist-globalists are intending to “bend” is YOU—a “bending” of your minds, logic, history, morals, values and common sense to the point where up becomes down, left becomes right and white becomes black—that’s accomplished by vile leftist mainstream propaganda that’s been so successful in America, the peoples watching only leftist cable news channels actually believe the United States is in economic shambles—and today sees 51% of its young Millennial citizens saying they want to re-write their First Amendment so it will outlaw speech they don’t like.

If this is the socialist world of lies and deceit you wish to live and raise your children in, then by all means quit reading my words now and go back to the fantasy make believe world your leftist overlords have created for you to feel safe and secure in while they enslave you.

On the other hand, if you’re not ready to surrender to these demonic monsters, if you’re not ready for the day when your doors are broken down as you’re herded into re-education camps to conform or be exterminated, if you’re not ready for your wealth and property to be stripped from you, and, most importantly, if you’re not ready to watch as your Churches and Bibles are burned by crazed radical leftist mobs—then by all means—WILL YOU START SUPPORTING THOSE OF US RISKING OUR LIVES DAILY TO MAKE SURE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN?  

This war is FAR from over—remember that fact—because these demonic socialists sure do—and they’re betting that you don’t have as much staying power as they do—the Sisters have always believed this isn’t so—because of all of the shattered countries and peoples they’ve helped raise back to freedom—they’ve never met one who put pennies over liberty.

So, please—don’t be the exception—give from your kind hearts, faith and generosity whatever you can today—so this new world we’ve now entered into will be much better than the old one we’ve just left.

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can, and, as always, please feel free to write me at [email protected] with any comments/questions/suggestions, remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,








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