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Note: This is an urgent private letter intended for the sole and exclusive use of the patron/donors to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.


Democrat Party “Burn The Ships!” Strategy To Destroy Trump Forewarns American Annihilation


27 September 2019

Hello Folks,

During the 16th Century, the two most powerful nations on Earth were the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire—both of whom had massive fleets that spanned the globe commanded by soldier-explorers they called Conquistadors—the Spanish and Portuguese word for “conqueror”—the most important of to world history were Spanish Empire Conquistadors Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar and Hernán Cortés.

In 1511, Velázquez conquered Cuba and was appointed Governor of New Spain by Holy Roman Emperor Spanish King Charles V—a territory that eventually grew to encompass all of the islands in the Caribbean, the territories known today as Mexico and Central America, nearly all of Western North America—and extended throughout the Pacific Ocean region to include the Philippines and countless other island chains.

Aiding New Spain Governor Velázquez in the administration of New Spain was his treasurer-clerk Cortés—who had the responsibility of ensuring that King Charles received the “quinto”, or customary one fifth of the profits this territory gained—but in 1519, saw Cortés breaking with Governor Velázquez to make his own fortune.

This fateful year of 1519 when Cortés set out on his own saw him stealing ships from Governor Velázquez, loading them up with 500 soldiers, and sailing to the Aztec Empire located in Mexico—and when arriving, then saw Cortés giving the historic command to “BURN THE SHIPS!”—thus giving the soldiers under his command, who discovered Cortés lied to them, and knew Governor Velázquez had sent another fleet to arrest Cortés, no choice but to fight with him or die—and whose fighting under the command of Cortés began the destruction of Aztec Empire—but none of whose wealth Cortés ever got to share in because he was returned to Spain for his crimes and never allowed into the New World again. 



Exactly 500 years after Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés initiated his “BURN THE SHIPS!” strategy leaving no choice but to follow him or die; one can’t escape from noticing the irony of this strategy being used again today in 2019 by one of his very own namesakes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—a 29-year-old former bartender turned radical socialist communist who has now become the de facto leader of the Democrat Party—who with her radical socialist forces have loaded up their “impeachment army” on stolen “Democrat policy ships”, sailed them to the lawn of President Donald Trump’s White House, burned them leaving no escape for anyone—but whose victory is far from assured.    



The centerpiece of this “BURN THE SHIPS!” impeachment strategy to destroy President Trump that the entire socialist Democrat Party has now committed itself to dying for is a so-called whistle blower complaint written by an unknown CIA officer who was detailed to work at the White House, and has since returned to the CIAthat relied on information from the same George Soros funded group that created the fake Russia Dossier—and wherein it used second-hand hearsay accounts of a top secret phone conversation and leftist media articles to accuse Trump of conspiring with Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponent former Vice President Joe Biden—but whose official now declassified transcript of this call proves is not even close to being true—with it further being revealed that this CIA whistleblower lied when he said that State Department official Ulrich Brechbuhl was on this call. 



Top Democrat Party leader US Senator Chuck Schumer warned this was going happen with his threat to President Trump that the intelligence community was going to strike back against him—a threat, however, Trump hasn’t backed down against—and because of now exposes what this new impeachment charade is really all about—which is the Democrats knowing that there is no impeachable offense, and their rapidly needing to look into every aspect of Trump’s life to find something on him before it’s too late.

To best understand what’s really happening, you should know that prior to this latest Trump impeachment hysteria starting, it was revealed that US Attorney John Durham had been looking into Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 election—and when it was revealed that President Trump asked about the company CrowdStrike in his call with Ukraine’s president, every leftist hair-on-fire alarm bell in Washington began ringing.

And here’s why—the entire foundation of the lie that Russia hacked the computers of Democrat National Committee during the 2016 election to benefit Trump rests on a Hillary Clinton paid report that CrowdStrike created—not the FBI or any other intelligence agency, because Clinton wouldn’t allow them to see the supposed hacked computer server, proved as being true in FBI agent testimony and FBI documents just released by the US Federal Court overseeing the trial of former Trump advisor Roger Stone—testimony and documents that, also, prove most Wikileaks emails from the Democrats and Clinton weren’t even written until after Russia was supposed to have hacked them—thus further proving that these emails were “leaked” and not “hacked—and as outlined in a 2017 study by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), who came to the conclusion that the data in question was most likely copied to a thumb-drive or a storage device by an insider.   



Now Folks I want you to image what the repercussions will be when the American people are presented with conclusive proof that the entire Russia hoax against President Trump was made up out of thin air—I think that most of you can even imagine that the Democrats would even throw their top 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden overboard to keep this from ever happening—but that they’d only be able to do by keeping the truth hidden about CrowdStrike and making their main focus of Trump’s call to Ukraine all about Biden—most particularly because Ukrainegate has a lot more political skeletons ready to tumble from the wardrobe that will bury Democrats and their liberal media-intelligence backers, rather than Trump—and has caused even the Wall Street Journal to note the insanity now going on with their stating in their article “Taking Out Biden”:

The Trump years have been rough on Democrats’ sensibilities, and their thinking has become increasingly addled as a result.

The party has worked tirelessly to create an issue worthy of impeaching the president—Russia collusion, obstruction of justice, Stormy Daniels, tax returns.

This week Democrats jettisoned all that in favor of the only issue that implicates their own front-runner for the nomination.  Genius.



For any of you thinking that this “BURN THE SHIPS!” strategy only involves these leftist maniacs trying to destroy President Trump—I urgently direct your attention to Trump now warning that “the fate of the nation is at stake” and his further “warning that the stock market would crash if he is impeached”—neither of which even come close to telling the grave and catastrophic truth about what’s really occurring—the truth about the Sisters alerted you to the other day in their report “President Trump Said Ready As “Great Upheaval” Begins With Top American Bank Nearing Collapse” where they shockingly revealed that Trump’s Federal Reserve is pumping over $1.5 trillion into the US banking system to keep it from collapsing—but which over these past three days has seen this growing to over $3 trillion with no end in sight—with yesterday alone seeing the Federal Reserve having to pump another $110 billion into the US banking system, then another $72.75 billion in 14-day cash loans to US banks, along with $50.1 billion in overnight US bank reserves—a staggering one day total of $232.75 billion pumped into the US banking system to keep it from crashing—and whose beyond all doubt cause of is due to Trump’s leftist enemies withdrawing from American banks, stock markets and money funds everything they can in order to collapse and annihilate their nation’s economy. 



In past times when an American President warned that “the fate of the nation is at stake” as Trump has now declared, the citizens of this nation rose up as one and rallied to defend it—but whose vast majority of are unable to do so because they aren’t being told about this grave warning by a leftist mainstream propaganda media filling their heads with Ukrainegate lies—best exampled by CNN, MSNBC, NPR the Washington Post, and ABC cutting out crucial parts of the transcript of the call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that prove no impeachment offense was committed—with CNN deliberately excising 540 words from the middle of this transcript to keep the truth hidden—and none of them telling their viewers and readers that US House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff read a totally FABRICATED Trump transcript during a nationwide broadcast hearing yesterday.

Upon exiting the Constitutional Convention that established the United States, its Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created—his answer was simple “A republic, if you can keep it”.

Today, RIGHT NOW, the fate of America is at stake and President Trump has called on everyone to save it—a call that history demands be heeded by all freedom loving citizens wishing to keep this nation intact—and by heeding means your taking ACTION—the easiest of which is your supporting those of us behind and on the front lines of this war doing everything in our power to keep this war from exploding on your doorsteps—and is as simple as your going below and giving us what you can today so we can keep the truth flowing.

By your turning away from aiding us, and those few left like us still risking our lives, honor and reputations to keep you free, is a surrendering to those whose only goal is to enslave and destroy you—but you still have enough time to prevent from happening—if only you AWAKEN!

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can, and, as always, please feel free to write me at [email protected] with any comments/questions/suggestions, remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,






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