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This report is PART 2 of the series titled “The True Jesuits”.   Read PART 1 HERE.

July 27, 2015

The Assassination Is Going To Happen…The Only Question Is Whose?

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

[Note: This is the second part of a complete letter that without the context of the first being read won’t be able to be understood.]

But to Fritz and Heinrich Thyssen, and their American allies led by Prescott Bush, the failure of the Business Plot coup against President Roosevelt was of no real concern, even though war between the United States and Germany had begun.

For in their master plan to unite Germany, Italy and the United States, and thus gain global fascist hegemony, the Jesuits were assured that by the end of 1943 a peace treaty would be signed between the warring powers…once the Soviet Union had been defeated though.

With both the Bavarian Illuminati and their Freemason allies being aware of this Jesuit master plan, they then enlisted to their cause one of these societies’ most hated enemies…the Jews.

And with the Bavarian Illuminati, Freemasons, and now the Jews aligned against the Jesuits, they then only needed one of the major warring parties to back them…which ended up being the Soviet Union, whose leader, Joseph Stalin, was witnessing the destruction of his nation at the hands of the German Nazis who were covertly working towards this end with the implicit help of the United States.

Remember, the master plan of the Jesuits being funded by the Thyssen “empire” since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution was not only to create obedient citizen-soldiers able to wage continuous war, and thus continuous profits, but to also control the global resources needed to build their world empire, and which the greatest prize has always been Russia.

So when Germany attacked the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, Stalin, under the guidance of the Bavarian Illuminati-Freemason-Jewish tacticians, massively, and secretly retreated nearly all of his forces to the far eastern reaches of Russia leaving behind only those troops needed to mount an effective rear guard campaign.

Along with over 5 million retreating troops, Soviet military forces and citizens also took with them every industrial machine that could be disassembled and moved them too.

By late 1941, and unbeknownst to either Germany or the Allied Powers, the Soviet Union was in the process of fully industrializing their far eastern regions, mainly in vast underground bunkers, creating what, by the end of World War II, would become the largest and most mechanized fighting force in the world.

The Jesuit-led secret German-American fascist alliance though, in late 1941, and believing that by the summer of 1942 the Soviet Union would be defeated, instituted another phase of their master plan with the Japanese Empire attack upon United States territories throughout the Pacific Ocean region.

The Jesuit’s you must remember had been in Japan since the mid 16th Century, and though they were banned in 1639 once their true nature was discovered, the United States, in 1853, forced the Japanese to allow them back in.

Also to be remembered, the Jesuit’s master plan for global domination always included Europe being controlled by the Germans, Asia being controlled by the Japanese, and the Americas being controlled by the United States…with London, not Rome, being their world headquarters.

So in early 1942, with the Soviet Union looking like it was nearly defeated by Germany, the United States having lost tens-of-thousands of troops fighting the Japanese Empire, the remainder of the Allied Forces nearly all defeated and their nations under German control, the Jesuits knew that by the end of that year a global peace treaty installing fascist regimes across the world would be completed.

But the Jesuit’s master plan didn’t turn out exactly how they expected it would because the Summer of 1942 German offensive against the Soviet Union that was supposed to defeat it didn’t turn out as planned.

In fact, through the Summer of 1942 until the Fall, Soviet military forces not only failed to be defeated, they kept, surprisingly, gaining strength.  And on 19 November 1942, Soviet Forces for this first time in the war launched a massive counter attack against the Germans with their secret army they had kept hidden in the Far East.

And once the full scale of the Soviet forces secret buildup in both men and war equipment was realized by the Jesuits, they reacted as they have all throughout their history…by killing Jews, thus the Holocaust was born. 

And not just the Jews either, but anyone who had the slightest association at all with either the Bavarian Illuminati or the Freemasons were ordered executed too.

But it was too little, and much to late, to save the Jesuit’s master plan as by the beginning of 1944, they realized that if the Allied Forces didn’t invade Europe, by the end of 1945 Soviet forces would reach the British Channel and control nearly all of Europe.

Now to anyone wanting to claim that World War II was a war against fascism by the democratic nations of the world they can do so.  However, the nearly unimaginable death toll of this conflict tells its true story:

The combined deaths of the Jesuit controlled warring parties (Germany, Britain, United States, Italy and Japan) totaled nearly 13 million, while the deaths suffered by the Soviet Union was nearly 30 million.

And in spite of having lost nearly 30 million people, so enraged against the Jesuit’s was the Soviet Union they were prepared to smash them once and for all out of existence…and by their having obtained from Bavarian Illuminati-Freemason-Jewish “spies” complete documents relating to Germany’s atomic bomb their retribution was, indeed, to be feared. 

So that is why, in March, 1945, a secret Jesuit meeting of German and American war leaders was held whereupon a peace treaty was signed between the Nazis and the United States…which President Franklin Roosevelt would not accept and had to be assassinated.

The general outlines of this peace treaty called for the United States to protect all of the top Nazi war leaders, including Adolph Hitler, in exchange for Germany turning over to the Americans their two completed atomic bombs.

Germany’s initial plan for the use of these atomic bombs was to use them against the Soviets whose armies couldn’t be stopped. The Jesuits though reasoned that if the war wasn’t stopped altogether nothing would be able to stop the Soviets, especially once they declared war upon the Japanese Empire…and which they did 3 months later.

And to make sure the war was stopped before the Soviets gained any more territory; the Americans took Germany’s atomic bombs and dropped them on Japan, thus effectively stopping the Soviets from their massive land gains.

Of course, and as you all know to well, the history of these true things are kept from those not wanting nor willing to accept the truth, but so be it, it remains what happened.

There were some who despised this secret peace treaty, like General George Patton who was quickly assassinated, and US Secretary of State James Forrestal who launched the ill fated Operation Highjump attack upon the Nazi base in Antarctica which even today protects the descendents of the Third Reich’s top leaders for which he was assassinated too.   

In truth, a complete list of the assassinations done by order of the Jesuits, and in today’s world financed by the Thyssen global empire, is too large to write about in all but the largest of books, and not just this simple missive.

But to the most important of these (not in human life as all life is precious, but in historical terms) Jesuit ordered assassinations let’s linger on…

Such as one of the Jesuit’s most feared enemies, President John F. Kennedy, who not only knew their power but how they had infiltrated his government’s intelligence agencies and was in the process of destroying them. 

That is until 22 November 1963, while in Dallas, Texas, his Secret Service agents were ordered not to take their positions on his limousine to shield him from snipers…



And on 30 March 1981, when another Jesuit enemy, President Ronald Reagan, was nearly assassinated after his Secret Service guards, against all procedures and protocols, parked his armored limousine over 40 feet from him while he exited a building and not one of them protected his left side…



As to why these two Presidents were targeted by the Jesuits we know all to well, and even to the Jesuits assassin we know too as the son of Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, has been proven to be behind both of them…



But to the greatest assassination ordered by the Jesuits in our modern times we must pay special heed, as it was through the death of President Abraham Lincoln they were able to gain absolute control over the United States…and as that great man knew all too well, and as we can still read from his very words…

I am so glad to meet you again. You see that your friends, the Jesuits, have not yet killed me. But they would have surely done it when I passed through their most devoted city, Baltimore, had I not defeated their plans, by passing incognito a few hours before they expected me.

We have the proof that the company which has been selected and organized to murder me was led by a rabid Roman Catholic, called Byrne; it was almost entirely composed of Roman Catholics; more than that, there were two disguised priests among them, to lead and encourage them.

I am sorry to have so little time to see you: but I will not let you go before telling you that, a few days ago, I saw Mr. Morse, the learned inventor of electric telegraphy: he told me that when he was in Rome, not long ago, he found out the proofs of a most formidable conspiracy against this country and all its institutions.

It is evident that it is to the intrigues and emissaries of the Pope that we owe, in great part, the horrible evil war which is threatening to cover the country with blood and ruins.

This civil war seems to be nothing but a political affair to those who do not see, as I do, the secret springs of that terrible drama. But it is more a religious than a civil war. It is Rome who wants to rule and degrade the North, as she has ruled and degraded the South, from the very day of its discovery.

There are only very few of the Southern leaders who are not more or less under the influence of the Jesuits, through their wives, family relations, and their friends. Several members of the family of Jeff Davis belong to the Church of Rome. Even the Protestant ministers are under the influence of the Jesuits without suspecting it.

To keep her ascendancy in the North, as she does in the South, Rome is doing here what she has done in Mexico, and in all the South American Republics; she is paralyzing, by a civil war, the arms of the soldiers of Liberty. She divides our nation, in order to weaken, subdue and rule it.”

So today Dear Sisters, once again these Jesuits, whom we know all to well having contested against them for millennium and knowing whom their true masters are, are seeing the divisions being sown by them across the world.

For they have never abandoned their master plan, they have only caused it to be changed by the obstacles (seen and unforeseen) they’ve faced.

And for the first time in recorded history, a Jesuit Black Pope now sits in Rome, which we know is the sign of their unleashing upon the world the frightful full might of their power against all of humanity.

They have, also, since their World War II defeat at the hands of goodness and mercy nearly fully discredited in the publics eyes the Bavarian Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Jews, even such smaller orders as ours, so that when these terrible times come upon the world none will know where to turn to for truth.

To discouragement though is not our call, only the courage to tell those few who still seek truth and justice is our calling…it is enough.  And with their next assassination due soon, we must remain steadfast. 



July 27, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?.]

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