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February 14, 2008

UN Calls Emergency Meeting On UFO’s As Russia Prepares For Total War

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Interesting reports are emerging from the West today that state the United Nations on February 12  held an emergency meeting among Member Nations growing ever more concerned over the rapidly rising reports of UFO’s being sighted around the World.

This report comes from to us from noted Australian researcher Dr. Michael Emin Salla, and who states in his report:

"I received the following email from two trusted colleagues (Clay and Shawn Pickering) regarding a reliable source informing them that a secret meeting occurred yesterday morning (Feb 12) at the New York office of the United Nations concerning the recent spate of UFO sightings. It appears that a number of nation states are concerned about the impact of increased UFO sightings and wish to be briefed about what is happening.

Their source, who currently works in the diplomatic corps, had to travel for an early morning off the record meeting at the UN. Their source revealed that a secret UFO working group exists that is authorizing the release of such information to the public, in an effort to acclimate others to what is about to unfold."

It is also interesting to note that even the United States, a country long known to suppress all knowledge of anything having to do with UFO’s, is raising its level of interest about these issues, and as we can read as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled "New UFO Sighting Reported In Stephenville Texas", and which says:

"According to Angelia Joiner, the reporter who wrote the original UFO stories, there was another UFO sighting on Saturday. "If the military is testing a secret military device, why do they keep doing it here?" she asked me. "If it's not a secret why do they keep scaring the bejesus out of people?"

Adding a further wrinkle to this story, Joiner was fired from The Empire-Tribune a week ago. She claims she had been told to back off the story and thinks the town's "upper crust" was "embarrassed" by all the attention. The Empire-Tribune has avoided comment, which of course only fans the flames of the conspiracy theories.

For its part, the military has done itself no favors, first denying that it had any aircraft in the area, then flip-flopping a few days later -- after more witnesses came forward."

More disturbingly, however, are that these events are occurring during a time that Total World War seems imminent as President Putin has served notice to the West that the Russian Nation will begin targeting NATO allied Nations siding with the United States in that countries effort to encircle the Russias with its nuclear missiles.

Putin is said to be further enraged over the West’s planned supporting of the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo as an independent Nation, and which the Russian Leader has termed "immoral and illegal", and which Russia has stated they will not recognize.

Further raising International tensions is the growing food crisis hitting many Nations and that has caused the price of food to increase nearly 40% this past year, including in hard hit Asia, and as we can read as reported by the Asia Times News Service in their article titled "Asia faces growing rice crisis", and which says:

"An Indian government ban of rice exports has plunged neighboring Bangladesh into crisis, in a grim preview of growing global grain shortages. Leading rice-exporting nations such as India and Vietnam are reducing sales overseas to check domestic price rises. Previously healthy buffer stocks in the world's largest rice exporter, Thailand, are shrinking.

The February 7 ban by India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry intensifies a worldwide rice shortage that according to the Rome-based United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization drove up prices by nearly 40% last year. Large rice importers such as Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are worst affected."

Agence France-Presse has, likewise, reported on this growing Global food crisis, and as we can read from their reports: "Rising food prices have hit Asia's poor so hard that many have taken to the streets in protest, but experts see few signs of respite from the growing problem.

An array of factors, from rising food demand and high oil prices to global warming, could make high costs for essentials such as rice, wheat and milk a permanent fixture, they say. "The indications are in general pointing to high prices," Abdolreza Abbassian, a senior grains analyst at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome, told AFP.

The agency's figures show food prices globally soared nearly 40 percent in 2007, helping stoke protests in Myanmar, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia."

Also it is interesting to note that as the United States continues to fail in its quest for Global hegemony, economic experts are growing ever more concerned that new Great Depression may be facing the American people, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled "Depression risk might force U.S. to buy assets", and which says:

"Fear that a hobbled banking sector may set off another Great Depression could force the U.S. government and Federal Reserve to take the unprecedented step of buying a broad range of assets, including stocks, according to one of the most bearish market analysts. That extreme scenario, which would aim to stave off deflation and stabilize the economy, is evolving as the base case for Bernard Connolly, global strategist at Banque AIG in London."

But, to all of these events mentioned, and even without the inclusion of the volatile Middle East, the one remaining constant is the United States propaganda media organs refusal to allow the masses of their people to be made aware of these critical crisis issues facing all of humanity.  One can only worry about these deprived peoples as the cost of their war failures is soon to visit them in such a way that will strike terror into their very souls.

History has long shown that Nations who seek to build their empires do so at the expense of their own citizen’s lives, a lesson the American people are doomed to have to, sadly, relearn. And, though one may wish for the ancient prophecies of ‘help from the stars’ to come before our World annihilates itself, it seems more prudent to prepare for the eventuality it will not occur.  

© February 14, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

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