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January 26, 2008

Russia Warns On Catastrophic Earth Bound Asteroid

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Dr. Scientist Khabibullo Abdusamatov, Director of the space research lab at the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg, and who has previously warned about a coming Ice Age, today issued a report to the Kremlin warning of the potential affects to our Earth from an asteroid due to come dangerously close to our World in the next few days.

According to this report, Asteroid 2007 TU24, which has been measured at being 600 meters (2,000 feet) large, is due to pass within 540,000 kilometers (334,000 miles) of Earth on January 29th, and which is being described by NASA Scientist Don Yeomans as being "... the closest approach by a known asteroid of this size or larger until 2027”.

Though some reports emerging from the West are suggesting that NASA is ‘greatly concerned’ about Asteroid 2007 TU24 striking our Earth, Dr. Abdusamatov’s report states that the greatest danger from this space object is the catastrophic effect it is having on our electromagnetic field and destabilizing our already in chaos Global weather patterns.

Dr. Abdusamatov bases his warnings on what he states is the current state of instability existing in our Solar System due to our Sun entering into a new, and potentially destructive, new Solar Maximum cycle and which has caused the unprecedented plasma explosion of Comet Holmes and the Planet Jupiter to explode with massive storms.

Most interesting, according to this report, is that Dr. Abdusamatov has documented the effects Asteroid 2007 TU24 is currently having on our Global Weather, and electromagnetic systems, by its ‘moving’ the magnetic axis of our Earth towards Canada from the North Pole, and which has caused, in the past week alone, record setting cold temperatures in Siberia, India, North America, and unprecedented snows in China, which have paralyzed vast portions of that Asian nation.

This is so, Dr. Abdusamatov explains in his report, because of Asteroid 2007 TU24 ‘expanding’ its already growing plasma sheath, like Comet Homes, due to ‘unstable’ solar plasma emissions from the Sun and which are increasing their ‘effects’ upon our Earth’s protective ‘magnetosheath’, and in ways, he says, currently not known.

It is, also, interesting to note that Western scientists are moving their ideas about comets and asteroids more towards the beliefs of their Eastern counterparts, and who have long advocated that our Solar System can only be explained in terms of an ‘Electric Universe’, rather than one long supported by the West that states comets are nothing but ‘balls of ice’, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service:

"Samples of rock dust retrieved from a comet called Wild 2 are forcing scientists to alter they way they think about these intriguing objects that streak through our solar system.

A chemical analysis of the samples brought back to Earth by NASA's Stardust spacecraft showed that the comet is much more like an asteroid than scientists had expected.

Comets are celestial bodies made of rock, dust and ice with characteristic tails of gas and dust streams that are formed in the solar system's distant, frigid reaches. A long-standing notion had been they were sort of a frozen time capsule of material from when the solar system formed 4-1/2 billion years ago, including stardust from other stars. But this is not the case with Wild 2, scientists found.

A lot of the material detected in Wild 2's cometary dust was formed very close to the sun in the early solar system and was somehow later transported to the outer solar system, the scientists said.

The rock dust closely resembles material from bodies called chondritic meteorites from asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, they reported in the journal Science. Asteroids are fragments of ancient space rubble, made of rock and metal, that commonly orbit the sun in that belt. "Overall, this comet, Wild 2, is looking a lot more asteroid-like than we had expected," Hope Ishii of the U.S. government's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of the scientists, said in a telephone interview on Friday."

Of the greatest concern, however, relating to Dr. Abdusamatov’s report, are his warnings that our Earth has yet to feel the ‘full wrath’ of Asteroid 2007 TU24’s interaction with our Earth, and which, he states, will usher in ‘many months’ of catastrophic weather changes that will encircle our entire Globe in the coming months.

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