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August 17, 2007

Russia Orders ‘All Ships’ From US Waters Over Tsunami Fears

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports from the Kremlin today are stating that Russia’s Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Tsunami Warning Center has issued an ‘urgent and immediate’ warning for all Russian Naval vessels to leave ‘all areas’ within 1,000 km of US waters.

It is expected that this immediate warning has been issued to Russia’s Pacific Fleet, which is currently engaged in operations countering the massive US war games currently being conducted from the Americans base in Guam, and is in response to the volcanic eruption of Alaska’s Pavlov Volcano, and which follows by days the eruption of Kamchatka’s Shiveluch Volcano located in Russia’s Far East.

Of the greatest concern to these scientists, according to these reports, is the alarming activity of what are called Shear waves, or S waves, emanating from the North American Plate without any corresponding evidence of Primary, or P waves, which should always precede Shear waves.

[Compressional waves, also known as primary travel fastest, at speeds between 1.5 and 8 kilometers per second in the Earth's crust. Shear waves travel more slowly, usually at 60% to 70% of the speed of P waves.]

Due to this unusual instance of Shear waves occurring before their associated Primary ones has also led to the growing increase these past few weeks of rare Cyclonic/Earthquake combinations, and which have occurred in:

Japan:  Typhoon Usagi striking on August 2nd which followed immediately after the July 17th 6.8 magnitude earthquake to hit the island nation.

US: Hawaii being hit by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake immediately prior to being hit by Hurricane Flossie this past week.

South Pacific: The Solomon Islands being hit today with a 6.7 magnitude earthquake upon the passage of Super Typhoon Egay.

Caribbean: The Leeward Islands being hit today with a 4.8 magnitude earthquake upon the arrival of strengthening Hurricane Dean.

South America: Peru being hit by a catastrophic 8.0 magnitude earthquake yesterday after last weeks devastating Antarctica low pressure system left that nation with its coldest temperatures in 30 years.

One course of theory being explored by Russian scientists, relating to Cyclonic/Earthquake interactions, is based upon the studies of researchers at the California Institute of Technology who in 2003 reported:

"In trying to predict where earthquakes will occur, few people would think to look at Earth's gravity field. What does the force that causes objects to fall to the ground and the moon to orbit around the earth have to do with the unpredictable ground trembling of an earthquake?

Now, researchers at the California Institute of Technology have found that within subduction zones, the regions where one of the earth's plates slips below another, areas where the attraction due to gravity is relatively high are less likely to experience large earthquakes than areas where the gravitational force is relatively low."

To the temporal variations of our Earth’s gravity we can further read:

"Temporal variations of the Earth's gravity field are caused by a variety of complex phenomena including lunar-solar tides, atmospheric and oceanic mass redistribution, variations in groundwater storage and snow cover/ice thickness, earthquakes, post-glacial rebound in the Earth's mantle, long-term mantle convection and core activities, and other geophysical phenomena.

It is important to understand these variations because of the implications they have for understanding and monitoring global climatic and geophysical changes, Earth rotation, and synoptic sea level changes."

And, again according to these reports, what Russian scientists are saying is that what we are currently experiencing on our Earth, both with weather and seismic activity, is a complete ‘realignment’ of our Earth’s gravity field due to the massive losses of ice in the Arctic Regions, the increasing catastrophic localized floods that the UN has estimated have now affected over 500 million human beings, and the combined effects of the ever increasing seismic events occurring World-Wide.

To this massive loss of ice in the Arctic we can read:

As reported by Britain’s Guardian News Service:  "Some tipping points for climate change could be closer than previously thought. Scientists are predicting that the loss of the massive Greenland ice sheet may now be unstoppable and lead to catastrophic sea-level rises around the world."

As reported by Britain’s Independent News Service: "The sea ice of the Arctic will melt further and faster than at any time since records began nearly 30 years ago, according to the latest data collected by a satellite survey of the polar region. Scientists warned yesterday that the sea ice is already approaching the record minimum set in September 2005, even with a further month of the summer melting season still remaining."

Russian scientists further report that we have been provided an ‘early warning system’, so to speak, about the increasing destabilization of our Earth’s gravity field with the appearance of the mysterious Noctilucent Clouds which began occurring in our far Northern Regions after the 1883 catastrophic volcanic eruption of Krakatoa, (and which was so powerful the noise of its explosion could be heard over 4,800 km away), and are now slowly encircling the Globe.

To the present circumstances facing us, as these scientists report, is a ‘long and sustained’ period of both Global weather upheaval and ‘unprecedented’ seismic activity, with the North American Plate being due next to suffer a catastrophic earthquake event within the next few weeks.

© August 17, 2007 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

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