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May 28, 2007

Unprecedented New Laws Enslave American People

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

In an unprecedented move against the freedoms of American citizens, their government, these past few weeks, has launched a series of new measures which guarantee the virtual enslavement of every human being within the borders of the United States.

These actions began with the United States President, George Bush, signing of one of the most chilling documents in modern history, and which when enacted grants total power to the American Presidency and its ‘Shadow Government’ above the citizens and lawmakers in the United States.

This National security directive signed by the American War Leader, and as described by the Washington Post News Service, gives total power of the United States to 100 ‘secret’ operatives that since September 11, 2001 have been ‘rotating secretly’ throughout their country ready to assume total  power when they are next attacked or suffer a catastrophic natural disaster.

Also, and according to this same Washington Post News Service report, these 100 ‘secret’ future leaders of the American people will be lead by a woman named Frances Fragos Townsend, and who is described the US News & World Report thusly:

“To many old Washington hands, the casting is stunning. A registered Republican, Townsend, 42, is a holdover from the Clinton administration, where she served as Attorney General Janet Reno's trusted but controversial intelligence adviser.

She was so controversial that Reno's replacement, John Ashcroft, dropped Townsend from the top intelligence job, but now she's back in power--big time. "There's this huge head scratch to the whole thing," says a former Justice Department official in the Clinton administration.

"How can this crowd of people who are all about, 'Oh, you've got to be a true believer,' let her into the fold and allow her to reach this incredible height?"

Townsend's career began as a prosecutor in the Brooklyn district attorney's office, but it took off when she moved to the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan, where she began prosecuting corporate and mob cases for Rudolph Giuliani."

It is important, at this point, to further elaborate on Frances Fragos Townsend as she has been one of the principal ‘players’ behind the Clinton/Bush CIA Cabal that has effectively overthrown the legitimate government of the Untied States during these past 15 years, and with the planned election to the Presidency of Hillary Clinton will continue their despotic rule over the American people.

Her ‘story’, and place in the Clinton/Bush CIA Cabal, begins with her appointment as a prosecutor for Rudolph Giuliani in one of the largest cocaine smuggling operations ever uncovered in the United States. This massive Colombian linked cocaine case was ‘uncovered’ by a New York City narcotics police officer named Bernard Kerik.

Russian FSB reports have long linked this major cocaine smuggling ring to the Clinton/Bush/CIA Cabal, and which was also confirmed by an American Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter named Gary Webb who worked for the San Jose Mercury News.

Mr. Webb confirmed in his 1996 investigative report Americans worst fears that the cocaine epidemic in their country was controlled by their two most powerful families, the Clinton’s and Bush’s, in conjunction with the CIA, and whom the first President Bush led during the Ford President Administration.  The billions of dollars of profits to the Clinton/Bush Cabal have enabled them to launch their unprecedented coup against the United States government and its people.

Shortly after the second election of the current American President in 2004, Mr. Webb was assassinated by having two bullets shot through his head, and which in spite of his earlier attempts to report confrontations with ‘government people’ was ignored and his death ruled a suicide. 

The lives of Frances Fragos Townsend and Bernard Kerik, however, took decidedly different directions than Mr. Webb’s, with Ms Townsend being ‘taken in’ by the Clinton Family and Mr. Kerik by the Bush’s for their successful coverup of what remains the largest cocaine smuggling ring in the United States.

As we have previously mentioned in this report, Ms Townsend has ascended to one of the highest positions of power in the United States, and with the new National security directive signed by the American President puts her in effective charge of the United States and its ‘Shadow Government’.

Bernard Kerik, on the other hand, rose from his position as a New York City narcotics officer to become the Police Commissioner of New York City under, and according to FSB reports, ‘fellow conspirator’ Rudolph Giuliani, who had become the Mayor of New York City. (It is important to note that both Bernard Kerik and Rudolph Giuliani were in charge of all emergency personnel and operations during the attacks on New York on September 11, 2001.)

Mr. Kerik was subsequently named by the American War Leaders as the Interim Minister of Interior of Iraq shortly after the US invasion, and was but a Senate vote away from becoming the second most powerful leader in the United States as its Director of Homeland Security but was ‘forced’ to withdrawal after it was ‘discovered’ that he had employed a foreign national with a ‘questionable immigration status’ as a household employee.

FSB reports, however, state that Mr. Kerik became too ‘greedy’ and when attempting to ‘blackmail’ the Clinton/Bush/CIA Cabal on the ‘true events’ of September 11, 2001 was ‘removed’ from power.

To the full, and shocking, consequences to the American people of being led by such a vast, and wide ranging, cast of International Criminals our World has not seen since the takeover of the German Republic in 1933 by Nazis led by Adolph Hitler; and which when examined in its fullest details clearly show that the same type of Fascist corporate government instilled by the Nazis against the German peoples is fast becoming today’s reality for the Americans.

Of the ‘new’ Fascist laws being brought against the American people one of the most horrific is their new immigration bill, and which the American Civil Liberties Organization (ACLU) has just warned:

"The bill denies essential due process, seeks to overturn Supreme Court limits on detention and fails to guarantee meaningful judicial review," said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office. "Substantial changes must be made to ensure that the legislation adheres to the values of our country and our Constitution. Without effective judicial oversight, any new program enacted by Congress can be gutted by an overburdened, incompetent or hostile bureaucracy."

The proposed legislation would require every job applicant in America to have their eligibility to work verified by the DHS, using the error-plagued Employment Eligibility Verification System (EEVS). EEVS creates a massive government database containing extraordinary amounts of personal information on everyone in America, tied to each individual’s Social Security number. If DHS makes a mistake in determining work eligibility, there will be virtually no way to challenge the error or recover lost wages due to the bill’s prohibitions on judicial review.

As a part of EEVS, every person in America would be forced to carry a hardened Social Security card perhaps containing biometric information about the cardholder - essentially a national ID - and present a Real ID-compliant driver’s license to get any new job."

Equally horrific for the American people are the new laws which enable medical ‘experiments’ to be done on them without their consent, and as we can read as reported by the Houston Chronicle News Service:

"The federal government is undertaking the most ambitious set of studies ever mounted under a controversial arrangement that allows researchers to conduct some kinds of medical experiments without first getting the patients' permission. The $50 million, five-year project, which will involve more than 20,000 patients in 11 sites in the United States and Canada, is designed to improve treatment after car accidents, shootings, cardiac arrest and other emergencies."

These new US medical ‘experiments’ laws are unheard of in any civilized nation in our modern times, with the exception being those of the Nazi Regime of Germany.

The most draconian measure being instituted against the American people is the new National Identification card they all must soon (2008) carry, and which it is said about:

"Finally, and perhaps most importantly for Americans, the very last paragraph of the 160-page Real ID document deserves special attention. In a nod to states' rights advocates, DHS declares that states are free not to participate in the Real ID system if they choose--but any identification card issued by a state that does not meet Real ID criteria is to be clearly labeled as such, to include "bold lettering" or a "unique design" similar to how many states design driver's licenses for those under 21 years of age.

In its own guidance document, the department has proposed branding citizens not possessing a Real ID card in a manner that lets all who see their official state-issued identification know that they're "different," and perhaps potentially dangerous, according to standards established by the federal government. They would become stigmatized, branded, marked, ostracized, segregated. All in the name of protecting the homeland; no wonder this provision appears at the very end of the document.

One likely outcome of this DHS-proposed social segregation is that people presenting non-Real ID identification automatically will be presumed suspicious and perhaps subject to additional screening or surveillance to confirm their innocence at a bar, office building, airport or routine traffic stop. Such a situation would establish a new form of social segregation--an attempt to separate "us" from "them" in the age of counterterrorism and the new normal, where one is presumed suspicious until proven more suspicious."

To those Americans who believed that their State Governments and Militias would be able to protect them against the Clinton/Bush/CIA Cabal, their hopes were shattered by President Bush’s signing of a new law putting all US State National Guard Units under his power.

For those Americans, equally, hoping that they will be able to escape the borders of their country their hopes were equally dashed by new US laws that will show 18,000 more border ‘agents’ arrayed against them.

As the steel claws of the American Eagle, and which once stood as a symbol of freedom and liberty, continues its tight embrace around the very souls of the American people, one cannot help but wonder, in amazement, at how docile these people have become, even to the point, and like the German people before them, of marching in military lockstep towards the abyss totally ignorant of the holocaust that awaits them.

May God have mercy upon them all.

© May 28, 2007 EU and US all rights reserved.

 [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one.  No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

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