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America Is In A Zero-Sum Game—Pick Your Tribe And Arm Yourself

Kremlin Vows “Swift Retribution” After US Attacks Russian Soldiers In Syria, Leaving 1 Dead, 3 Wounded

Russia Warns Atlantis Is “Rising Again”, Under The Very Heart Of America

US Refusal Of Russian “Surrender Terms” Warned Signals American Banking Collapse “Within Months”

US Begs Russia For “Mercy” In Syria After Germany Opens American War Crime Investigation

Hundreds-Of-Thousands Evacuated In Russia Over 23 September “End Of World” Religious Hysteria


The Revival of Christianity in Russia



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Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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American 2017 Death Toll Update: (as of 22 September)    8 Americans Killed By Terror    870 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                                                     39 American Police Murdered       16 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2016 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 2,202     Americans Killed By Terror: 108

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?


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Top World News Now                  

September 22, 2017



United States

Trump: New US executive order to target foreign banks doing business with North Korea

Melania Trump condemns bullying – and raises some eyebrows – in her first UN speech

Trump's approval again reaches 40% after positive reaction to hurricane response

Obama's promises for presidential center may not be enough this time for African-Americans

Erdogan’s Guards Attack American Protesters in New York (Video)

Hurricane Maria’s rampage demolishes Puerto Rico

U.S. Household Wealth Rises $1.7 Trillion to Another Record

Sources say Samantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis

Fetal deaths up 58 percent since Flint water crisis, pregnancies down

US Marine Corps to See First Woman Infantry Officer Join Ranks

Trump urges ‘strong and swift’ UN action to end Rohingya crisis




Kremlin: Putin, Erdogan may have telephone conversation soon

Medvedev says US wants to bury Russian gas pipeline project & force-feed its own LNG to Europe

Nuclear Decay: World’s Atomic Arsenal Shrinks 3 Percent in 2016

Government approves resettlement plan for Russian diaspora

Jewish communities say Russia is virtually free of anti-Semitism

Putin Pushes Ukraine Peacekeeper Plan in Face of Opposition

Pollsters trick 1 in 5 Russians into supporting imaginary candidate ‘backed by Putin’

Lavrov offers condolences to Mexican people over deadly earthquakes

Lavrov confirms Russia’s commitment to maintain sustainability of Iran nuclear deal

Breaking of Idlib siege leaves three Russian servicemen wounded

Russia looks to become leading organic food exporter as Europe sees future in GMO


President Xi: China and Singapore to yield more cooperative results

Kim Jong-Un calls Trump's UN speech 'declaration of war' and brands US president 'mentally deranged' in rare speech

Kim Jong Un Vows To Tame "Mentally Deranged Dotard" Trump "With Fire"

Taiwan Cuts Off Fossil Fuels To North Korea

Jack Ma says 'stop training kids for manufacturing jobs'

Xi stresses prevention, control of major risks at CPC

Foreign Minister Wang Yi says North Korean situation more serious by the day

N. Korea Foreign Minister says Trump threat is 'sound of dog barking'

North Korea Warns US of ‘Final Ruin’ After Trump Takes Military Bluster to UN

New Generation of Chinese Drones Equipped With Anti-Tank Missiles Unveiled

Grim news from the front line of China’s battle against air pollution



United Kingdom           

Theresa May launches stinging attack on Donald Trump in United Nations speech

‘A terror-wrist!’ Sightings of ‘severed hand’ shut major UK road

Embarrassment as Theresa May Delivers Speech to Mostly Empty United Nations General Assembly

Banning Saudi Arabia from Labour conference hints at Corbyn’s likely tough stance as PM

UK 'biggest audience' in Europe for jihadist web content

What we know so far about Parsons Green bucket bomber suspects

Plain-clothes SAS troops deployed on London Underground with ‘shoot to kill’ orders

Brexit 'Cliff Edge': UK Expats in the EU Face 'Really Serious' Pension Problem

Cuckooed! How an Undercover MI5 Operative Helped Take Down the National Front



European Union

To Prevent Rebellion, Spain Docks Cruise Ship Housing 16,000 Riot Police In Barcelona Port

French-Algerian millionaire vows to pay burqa ban fines for Muslim women in Austria

Czech president: Trump is like a teacher handing out fail grades. Which country will be next?

Spanish Police Detain Catalan Officials Ahead of Independence Vote

EU ready to move alone on digital tax if no global deal

Hungary Set for Fresh anti-Soros Blitz

Spain Declares North Korean Ambassador Persona Non Grata

Hungary credits razor wire border fence for almost 100 percent drop in illegal migration

Cowabunga! Berlusconi Returns to Frontline Italian Politics, Makes PM Bid




Gabriel says Germany will strive to save Iran nuclear deal - no matter what the election result is

Fearing far-right surge, Merkel urges Germans to vote on Sunday

Merkel's conservatives lead election poll, AfD eyes third Bundestag slot

Swiss Mystery: Someone Keeps Flushing €500 Bank Notes Down The Toilet

German liberals would expect finance ministry in Merkel coalition

High-stakes election for Germany's long-term unemployed

Behind The Scenes Switzerland Keeps US And North Korea Talking

Switzerland commits $1.25m in emergency assistance for Rohingyas, flood victims

Turkey summons German envoy over Kurdish rally in Cologne




Macron Calls for Expanding Internet Monitoring to Counter Extremism

Macron defends Iran deal, Paris climate accord at UN General Assembly

Macron: Iran regional behaviour means nuclear deal not enough

Macron Wants to Remind the World France Is a Nuclear Power Too

Four American foreign exchange students sprayed with acid at Marseille train station

Macron enacts public ethics law with a whiff of U.S.-style razzmatazz

Under fire for storm response, Macron arrives in hurricane-hit French islands

Man Shouting "Allahu Akbar" Attacks Two Women With A Hammer In French Town

Macron may see 'slackers' become protest rallying cry in France



War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Russian MoD: Over 87% of Syrian territory liberated from ISIS

Amazing British military claims: ‘We’ve killed 3,000+ ISIS fighters - and not 1 civilian’

Afghan President Ghani: Pakistan Must Stop Harboring Terrorists

US Coalition Forces Bombarded Raqqa Every Eight Minutes in August

Afghanistan's president Ashraf Ghani praises Trump's Afghan strategy at UN

Russian MoD: Strongest attacks on Syrian Army come from where opposition & US forces stationed

Supreme court steps in to block Iraq Kurd independence vote

UK to supply Qatar with Eurofighter jets in billion-dollar arms deal

ISIS suicide bombers killed in attack on US-led coalition base in Iraq

Pentagon was informed about area of Russia’s military op in Deir ez-Zor in advance



Interesting Developments

US government warns mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases could invade 75% of America

DHS pays police millions to ticket and prosecute motorists

'Stupidly politically correct society is the death of comedy', warns veteran comedian Mel Brooks

Facebook to share Russia-linked political adverts with investigators

A Russian firm spent $100,000 on Facebook ads. Trump spent $0 on TV ads for the first 202 days of his campaign.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton breaks President Obama’s 2012 spending record with $1.2 billion campaign

SCIENCE FOR SALE: Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was on Monsanto’s payroll at $400 per hour

A Look At How Nestle Makes Billions Selling You Groundwater In A Bottle

Secret Document Reveals Former CIA Director’s Plan To Make Reading WikiLeaks A Crime

Sharyl Attkisson Rages "Looks Like Obama Spied On Trump, Just Like He Did To Me"




Netanyahu, Egypt's el-Sisi meet for first time in public

Netanyahu rejects court call to implement Western Wall mixed prayer

Netanyahu Says Trump Promised to ‘Fix’ Iran Deal

Israel and US open first American military base in Israel

Netanyahu to give Trump ‘concrete ideas’ on Iran

Israeli consulate in New York reopens after ‘explicit death threat’ made to Netanyahu

Ultra-Orthodox protesters arrested in violent clash in Jerusalem

Netanyahu says will meet Trump in New York next week

Lieberman warns Syrians any confrontation will ‘end badly for them’

Israel's supreme court cancels conscription exemption law




Turkey starts trial of 30 newspaper staff for links to coup attempt

Erdogan: Iraqi Kurds' decision not to postpone referendum "very wrong"

Erdogan says will discuss case of ex-Turkish minister with Trump during visit

Turkey Tries To Scare Voters With Warning About Jews Ahead of Kurdish Referendum

Turkey releases French journalist detained on Iraqi border

Erdogan Signs Russian Missile Deal, Pivoting From NATO

Erdogan and Trump to meet amid heightened tensions

Turkey Says Talk of Ending Its EU Accession Undermines Europe

Erdogan calls killing of Rohingya in Myanmar genocide

US Grand Jury Indicts Turkish Security Officials for Violence Near Embassy




ISIS Kills 18 Egyptian Police in Sinai Ambush

Saudis Arrest Key Dissidents Amid Rumors of King’s Abdication

Egypt says police killed 10 suspected militants in Cairo

Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

South Africa

First Eastern Cape case of Bird Flu detected on Uitenhage farm - 5 000 birds culled

Suicide bomber kills 6 people in central Somalia

Kenya’s Supreme Court declares the Aug. 8 elections invalid - orders new vote

Top union official urges Kenyan president to "sober up"




‘Shameless, ignorant, new Hitler’: Iran & Venezuela fire back after Trump criticism at UN

Tillerson Admits IAEA Reports Indicate Iran in Compliance With Nuclear Deal

Supreme Leader: Iran will react strongly to any ‘wrong move’ by US over nuclear deal

Iran claims to have ‘father of all bombs,’ overshadowing American ‘mother’

FM Zarif to visit Russia on September 13 for Middle East, Syria talks

Iran says it turned away US vessel in Persian Gulf

Iran Condemns Pyongyang’s Nuke Tests, Says War 'Imminent’ Without Talks

Iran says military sites are off-limits for nuclear inspections despite U.S. pressure




Maduro: Venezuelan authorities, opposition close to reaching agreement

Venezuela Has Officially Abandoned The Petrodollar – Does This Make War With Venezuela More Likely?

Maduro unveils "Plan Rabbit": recommends that people raise rabbits at home as a source of food

Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting US Dollars

Maduro says ready for talks with opposition

Venezuela Supreme Court has staged effective coup: jurists' group

US official: No Venezuela solution while trafficking rampant

Venezuela asylum requests soar in Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico




'Gay conversion therapy' is approved in Brazil as court rules homosexuality is a disease, sparking national outrage

Netanyahu in Argentina, Lauds Effort to Solve 1994 Jewish Center Bombing

Argentina turns over thousands of WWII-era documents to visiting Netanyahu

Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Reported Killed in Brazil

Peru says expelling North Korean ambassador over nuclear program

Brazilian Economic Rebound Continues as GDP Growth Exceeds Expectations

Anti-Uber Protests Disrupt Major Chilean Airport; One Dead

Global Banks Sabotage Uruguay’s Efforts to Legalize Marijuana




All Students Accounted For In School Collapse

Mexico’s ‘Moles’ Dig Out Earthquake Victims

The Morning After: Mexican Earthquake Leaves Over 248 Dead, Millions Without Electricity

Nieto has declared a state of disaster in Mexico City

Two earthquakes have hit Mexico in two weeks - here's why

Celebrities, politicians react to powerful Mexico earthquake

32 years ago today, the 1985 Mexico City earthquake shook a whole nation

In Mexico City, Volunteers Rush To Clear Rubble After Earthquake

At least 119 killed after 7.1-magnitude earthquake rocks Mexico City




Cat. 5 Hurricane Maria to lash Puerto Rico with life-threatening flooding, damaging winds

First death attributed to Hurricane Maria on Guadeloupe

Battered St. Martin residents fight to survive, struggle to decide whether to remain

Castro offers to let the FBI come down to Havana to investigate sonic attacks on US Diplomats

Attacked in bed, safe a few feet away: Cuba mystery deepens

Cuba receives aid from Venezuela after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma: Cuba faces period of darkness and rebuilding

Caribbean survivors of Irma beg for aid and face armed looters as they brace for Jose



United Nations

Over 50 countries sign nuclear weapons ban treaty at UN

UN Nuclear Watchdog Defends Iran Deal

After U.S. Compromise, Security Council Strengthens North Korea Sanctions

Ahead of U.N.’s Child Rights Blacklist, Saudis Stress Their Aid to Yemen

UN: Iraq must do more for ISIS sex abuse victims

'Killer robot' ban at UN demanded by Elon Musk & 115 other tech leaders

Iraq asks UN to collect evidence to prosecute ISIS

UN: 20 million face war-linked famine in Yemen, Somalia, S. Sudan, Nigeria

UN: Thousand migrants saved after being left in Niger desert




Powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan near Fukushima

Japan Moves Missile Interceptor Under Flight Paths of North Korean Missiles

Japan split over how to deal with North Korean missile launches

Japan on Missile Mission to Get 127 Million People to Hide - Fast

Japan prepping for evacuation of tens of thousands in South Korea

Deputy PM Taro Aso: Hitler, who killed millions of people, was no good even if his motive was right - Later apologizes

N Korea missile fear sets pre-emptive strike debate in Japan

Japanese Military Seeks More Missiles, Radars With Record Budget Request

Japan discloses expelling North Korean fishing flotilla in July

Abe says nation facing a "serious and grave threat" after North Korea fired a missile over northern Japan this morning




Cellphone bomb found hidden in passenger luggage by X-ray machine at Mangalore Airport in India

Restrictions imposed to prevent protests in Indian-controlled Kashmir

1,200 Dead from Monsoon Rains in Bangladesh, India, Nepal

Modi appoints India's first female defence minister


Pakistan: Ex-PM Sharif's Wife Wins Parliamentary Seat

Pakistani Taliban says behind deadly blast in tribal region

Suspected US Drone Kills 3 Alleged Terrorists in North Pakistan

Gunmen kill 3 in attack on paramilitary patrol in Pakistan




Man defending fathers' rights sets himself on fire near New Zealand Parliament

‘My Orders Are to Kill You’ if Drug Trafficking Rumors True, Duterte Tells Son

Malcolm Turnbull condemns ‘criminal and callous’ London terror attack

Malcolm Turnbull defends church which axed wedding of bride who supported same sex marriage on Facebook

Asylum-seekers held in Australian-run detention centers are in limbo ahead of a major deadline

Philippine City Fires Entire Police Force for Widespread Corruption

Australia Day scrapped in Melbourne because it is deemed offensive to Aborigines and compared to 'celebrating the Holocaust'

Indonesian Woman Brutally Flogged Under Sharia Law Over Adultery Allegation

Danger ahead for Australia as Asia’s long peace ends

Philippines Government Will Kill Women, Children Fighting for Daesh







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