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American Leftist Fears Of Free Speech Threatens Entire Nation—Let Me Tell You Why

Roaring Youth Of America Today Need Rapid Defense Against Liberal Lies And Deceit Before All Is Lost

As Their Democratic Party “Engine To Power” Goes Off The Rails, Radical American Leftists Ignite Civil War

Trump Prepares US Military For Underground Alien War While Suddenly Adding Vehicle To His Motorcade That “Talks To Mars

Mexico Warns Trump It Will Flood US With Refugees While Nicaragua Plunges Towards Abyss And Canada Labels United States As “Failed State

US Congress Quietly Approves $82 Billion For Mexican Invasion, While Non-Stop Propaganda Whips American People Into War Frenzy Without Their Knowing It

Massive Manhunt Underway For Lover Of US Justice Department Avowed Communist Who Wanted To Spy For Russia—And Who Now Threatens Lives Of Trump Officials


The Revival of Christianity in Russia



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 “Conspiracy theorists concentrate their time on transmuting the "base matter" of current events, official stories, propaganda and public relations into the gleaming golden truth buried within. They do this through the very right-brained activity of uncovering and inventing connections between disparate elements.

They create story-systems to understand and explain events - essentially a religious activity. For whatever reason, it’s much easier for us to deal with our internal contents by projecting them into the world around us. These outward signs inevitably become carriers of the archetypal content and psychodrama latent in the seeker.

Conspiracy theory also overcomes the strictures of literalism and the problems of simplistic thinking by experimenting with multiplicity of meaning. Ordinary events, people and signs become symbols bristling with complex, malleable, even contradictory meanings. Mystery is revived and idealized. Facts become more than the sum of their parts. Theory becomes poetry and even theology.”

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Sorcha Faal Works Within The Central Intelligence Agency In COINTELPRO


Sorcha Faal Is Part Of Russian State Propaganda Effort 


Sorcha Faal Used By DHS To Compile Report On Right Wing Extremism


Sorcha Faal Colludes With Team Trump


Sorcha Faal Is Information Warfare Site For British MI6, Mossad and CIA  


Sorcha Faal Is Part of Putin Troll Army


Sorcha Faal Link Says Proves US Broadcaster Sean Hannity Is Russian Spy 


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations


American 2018 Death Toll Update: (as of 1 July)    4 Americans Killed By Terror    506 Americans Killed By Their Own Police

                                                                                                                     36 American Police Murdered       8 American Police Dogs Killed

American 2015-2017 Death Toll:  Americans Killed By Their Own Police: 3,388     Americans Killed By Terror: 178

US Government Labels Domestic Citizens As The #1 Terrorist Group  Police State USA  In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.  Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers Of Traffic Stops In The American Police State  American Sheriffs Ask Pentagon For More Tanks To Battle Marijuana  US Police Now Trained To Kill First, Ask Questions Later  How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State? US Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared


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Top World News Now                 

July 1, 2018



United States

Trump’s on a hot streak: Court rulings, vacancy, summit plan

Portland Police Declare Riot After Radical Leftists Attack Peaceful Christian March

White House - Saudi king said will boost oil output if needed

White House: US, Ecuador Coordinating About Future Of Assange Asylum

Suspect in capital gazette shooting charged with 1st degree murder

Chemical plant owner charged with possession of WMDs

John Kelly expected to leave White House this summer

Trump’s No. 1 deal maker, Jared Kushner, takes winning streak to Wisconsin for 13,000 Foxconn jobs

Trump's Justice Department charges 601 people in “the largest health care fraud takedown” in history

House votes 359 to 49 to pass $675 billion defense spending bill, Senate preparing version for fast track

Jarrod Ramos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know




Putin approves Russia's anti-corruption plan for 2018-2020

Putin approves national anti-corruption plan through 2020

Finnish President - Putin and Trump to Spend Just 1 Day for Summit in Helsinki

Putin: Over 20 aircraft, 1,000 personnel withdrawn from Syria over past days

Contact group says warring sides in Ukraine reach new ceasefire

Poroshenko set to send Constitution amendments to Rada to pave the way for EU, NATO

Ukraine: Muckraker Dmytro Gnap quits investigating politicians to become one of them

Georgian ex-president Saakashvili sentenced in absentia for abuse of power

Putin hopes Bolton’s visit to Moscow will be step towards restoring Russia-US relations

Russian-US ties ‘not at their best’ due to internal political strife in US, says Putin

Russia Says Time & Date Set For Trump-Putin Summit

Medvedev orders to prepare anti-US sanctions similar to Europe and China’s




Xi underlines importance of CPC's political building

Xi meets with U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis

‘Militaries should stabilize ties’: Defence minister accepts Jim Mattis’ offer to visit United States

Mattis assures South Korea on US troops, says commitment 'ironclad'

Premier Li stresses cutting red tape, improving services

Political advisors push to curb commercialized Buddhist, Taoist activities

Defense Ministry - Series of actions taken by People's Liberation Army were directed at separatist elements advocating "Taiwan independence"

Murky floodwaters, narrow passages and limited tech: here’s why rescuing 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave is so tricky

Women On Trial For Murdering Kim Jong Un’s Brother With A Chemical Weapon Are ‘Trained Assassins’: Prosecutors

China's largest deep-sea intelligent fishery under construction

Telemundo suspends TV hosts for 'slant-eye' gestures after South Korea World Cup win



United Kingdom           

Theresa May faces new conflict with defence secretary

Scottish Minister Sacked One Day After Job Announcement For Saying These Words About Transgender People 11 Years Ago

Economic Migration To UK Plummets After Brexit Vote

Tory Brexit civil war deepens as MPs slam Remainer ministers for colluding with businesses to plot 'Project Fear Mark II' in a bid to force May to keep close ties with the EU

UK nervous over unpredictable Trump's summit with Putin

Perepilichnyy Inquest: Lawyer Demands to Know Was He or Wasn't He a British Spy?

Shadowy UK Local Business Groups Subvert Local Democracy and Prevent Protest

Saddleworth Moor fire: Army called in to help fire service as 'biggest blaze in living memory' sees locals don gas masks

Straight couple win the right to marry like gay couples



European Union

4 injured in shooting & stabbing in Sweden’s Helsingborg

Pope Francis Plans To Huddle With Environmentalists At Vatican ‘Future Of Life’ Conference

Italy Sabotages EU Summit, Cancels Migration Meeting

Donald Tusk warns EU must plan for 'worst case scenarios' with Trump's US

EU unity cracks as Michel Barnier CANCELS press conference on Brexit talks amid pressure from states for Britain to be given a 'bespoke' deal

Spain moves towards legalizing euthanasia, as parliament agrees to debate bill

Out of Gas: Beer Shortage Looms Amid Lack of Carbon Dioxide in Europe

EU piles pressure on Poland over courts independence

EU migrants: Italy-Malta 'deal' to end rescue ship standoff




Is One Man About To Collapse German Politics As We Know It?

Merkel says future of EU hinges on solving migration issue

Germany on track to return more asylum-seekers within EU than 2017

Merkel collapse threat: ‘No pity’ from EU if German leader falls in migrant crisis row

Merkel Says ‘All of Us Are Very Sad’ About Germany’s World Cup Loss

Sweden and Norway’s Long-Running Reindeer Feud Is Getting Worse

Spanish PM Sanchez warns Merkel to find EU-wide solution for migrant crisis

Bavarian conservative leader shuns Angela Merkel in German state election

Germany detains ‘Bin Laden’s bodyguard’ – months after it emerged he lived there on social benefits




Macron Brings Back National Service For All 16 Year Olds

Le Pen's Granddaughter Creates Elite Counter-Culture Institute in France

Macron’s Pope visit sparks debate on France’s church-state separation

Macron backs sanctions on EU states that refuse migrants

France arrests 10 radical far-right suspects over plan to attack Muslims

British driver clocked at 165mph during secret race in France

Butchers plead for protection from France's militant vegans

Macron urges Europeans to fight 'leprosy' of populism

Emmanuel Macron in hot water over French presidential swimming pool on the Riviera


War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

6 killed in attack on EU-funded anti-terror force in Mali implicated in ‘summary executions’

Iraq PM Calls For ‘Immediate’ Execution Of All Terrorists On Death Row

Syria’s Idlib Residents Warn of Potential Provocation by White Helmets

Russia-Backed Syrian Forces Intensify Assault on Rebel Stronghold

UAE says it wants Yemen peace deal but Houthis must leave Hodeidah

‘2 Israeli missiles’ strike near Damascus airport – Syrian state media

US, UK Financing 54 Militia Groups in Syria Despite Trump Vow to ‘Get Out’

Ben Rhodes Admits Obama Armed Jihadists In Syria In Bombshell Interview

Taliban Rejects Calls for Ceasefire Extension by Afghan Elders


Interesting Developments

‘Sonar Anomaly' Found Off North Carolina Coast Prompts NOAA Expedition

Meteorite Suggests Mars Had Habitable Conditions 100 Million Years Before Earth

Kilauea's continual eruption is creating a new fissure so big it could soon be classed as Hawaii's newest volcano

Jeff Bezos Is Preparing To Sell Space Travel Tickets

CEO of a Facial Recognition Company: The Tech is Too Volatile to Give to Law Enforcement

Toronto Has Exceeded Capacity To House Illegal Immigrants

MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”

Democrats Melt Down Over Supreme Court Vacancy

Democrats Are The Only Group Left That Believes The Mainstream Media




‘Take it or leave it:’ Israel proposes building goods port for Gaza in Cyprus

Kushner: U.S. plan will be public if Abbas doesn't ‘Come back to the table'

Kushner is "ready to work" with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Hamas Negotiating ‘Comprehensive Deal’ for Truce With Israel

Sara Netanyahu indicted for falsely charging state $100k for meals

Israel Intensifies Efforts to Link the BDS Movement to ‘Terrorism’

From flaming kites to explosive condoms: The new battle with Gazan terror

Israel says it destroyed Hamas undersea tunnel

'The Rampage' - Israeli Supersonic Missile Built To Destroy High-Quality Targets In Iran And Syria




Trump, Erdogan agree to improve ties after Turkish leader's re-election

Turkey Held A Bizarre Ceremony To Celebrate Its F-35s - But It Might Not Even Get Them

Erdogan fetes poll triumph, opposition concedes defeat

Erdogan secures overwhelming majority of votes in Turkey’s election

On Eve of Turkey’s Election, Only Erdogan Gets TV Time

Erdogan seeks new term with greater powers

No F-35s for Turkey: US Senate blocks sale of fighter jets to Ankara

Erdogan vows to ‘drain terrorist swamp’ after strikes in Iraq's Qandil Mountains

Erdogan’s Supporters Post Video With Cyprus Shown as Turkish Territory




Speculation over Saudi Crown Prince health amid rumours of his death

Saudi air defences intercept missiles above capital

Saudi Arabia overturns ban on women driving

Kushner meets with Egypt, Qatar leaders about Mideast plan

South Africa

Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa Survives Assassination Attempt - Vows That The "Cowardly Act" Will Not Derail Next Month's Historic Election

Diplomat: Algeria Deployed 80,000 Troops on Borders with Mali, Libya

Nigeria plunged in to darkness by power grid meltdown as millions watched World Cup build-up on TV




Supreme Leader Tells Iranians To ‘Bring America To Its Knees’

Zarif trolls Pompeo by rewriting his statement to reflect US failings

Protests in Iran as Rouhani says US wants 'economic war'

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar Shut Down as Economic Protests Spread

Pompeo - Iran will face 'wrath of entire world' if it tries to develop nuclear weapons

Iran's female football supporters make history at World Cup stadium screening

With Trump-Kim Summit Hours Away, Iran Has Warning For North Korea

Larijani - Iran Facilitated Passage Of 9/11 Attackers




Pence urges Latin American countries to isolate Venezuela

Colossus waking up: Volcano eruption triggers evacuations in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

The Army Took Over the Spigots, Forcing Thirsty Venezuelans to Pay

Venezuela triples minimum wage to 3 million Bolivars per month (equivalent to US $1.14) as inflation soars 25,000 percent

Conservative 'D.C. Colombian' wins his country's presidency

Venezuela Won't Have Enough Oil To Export By 2019

Flow of Venezuelans into Colombia impacting FARC peace process: US admiral

Maduro Accuses US of Infiltrating State Oil Company




Argentina Blew A Billion Dollars To Rescue The Peso On Friday... And Failed

Temer visits reception centers for Venezuelans

"The Only One Selling Dollars Is The Central Bank": Argentine Peso Crashes To New Record Low

Argentina Bailed Out With Biggest Ever Loan In IMF History

Truckers in Brazil show the power of workers after strikes humiliate Temer

Debilitated Brazilian government challenged with an oil-workers 72-hour strike

Total denied environmental license to drill at the Amazon basin

Honoring Falklands' fallen begins full agenda for Macri's cabinet chief in London




Mexican voters going to the polls in historic elections that have been marred by vote-buying and violence

Mexico shakes as major 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes in Ring of Fire

Bulletproof Car Production Hits Record High In Mexico As Violence Soars

Mexico struggles to weed out fake news ahead of its biggest election ever

Mexico campaign closes with leftist 'AMLO' looking unstoppable

Mexico fans went nuts in the midst of a 3-0 loss after learning that South Korea had saved their World Cup hopes

Migrants Aren’t an Issue in Mexico’s Presidential Campaign

Entire police force detained in Mexico town where mayoral candidate killed




State Department Reports on Another US Diplomat in Cuba Suffering Sonic Attack

The Havana Whodunnit: What Nation Just Built An "Unprecedented" Spy Radar Base In Cuba?

US pulls 2 more from Cuba amid new potential health cases

Google’s Schmidt in Cuba to meet new leader

Cuba to begin constitutional reforms to formalize ''opening-up'

Cubana de Aviación suspends domestic flights until September

Harvard Study Puts Puerto Rico Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Near 5,000

Rains in Cuba Cause Damages and Thousands of Evacuees



United Nations

UN General Assembly condemns Israel for ‘excessive use of force’ on Gaza border

Ecuador's Espinosa Garces elected UN General Assembly president

US lashes out at UN 'hypocrisy' over criticism of migrant family breakups

The UN Quietly Pushes International Gun Control

UN official calls to focus on South Sudan civilians protection from sexual violence

UN SC fails to adopt Russia-drafted resolution lambasting air strikes on Syria

WHO - Universal Health Coverage for All Will Limit Medical Financial Ruin




TEPCO aims to build more Fukushima-type nuclear reactors, vows to ‘excel in safety’ this time

United States demands that Japan stops buying oil from Iran

Japan halts evacuation drills as North Korea tensions ease

Deadly Magnitude 6.1 Quake In Japan's Osaka Area Kills Four, Halts Factories

Citizens Reject Government Plan to Use Soil Contaminated by Fukushima

Abe - Japan Welcomes Signing of Declaration After US-North Korea Summit

Foreign Minister Says Tokyo Not Mulling Summit With Pyongyang

Stabbing Attack in Japan's Bullet Train Leaves 1 Killed, 2 Injured

Japan is making a push to stop the stigma against crying babies

Abe - Kuril Islands cooperation to pave way for Russia-Japan peace treaty



India’s defense council approves S-400 deal despite Washington’s pressure

India Announces Five-Fold Increase in Aid for Palestinian Refugees

Israel agents trained India commandos leading 1984 Sikh temple raid

Modi - India to go ahead with S-400 deal with Russia notwithstanding US sanctions


Pakistan Put Back On Terror-Financing Watch List, Vows To Improve

Pakistan’s Trans Candidates Boycott Election Over Disrespectful Nomination Forms

Gang members busted in Pakistan for selling human liver in India

Pakistan to Give Equal Rights to Millions in Tribal Areas, Ending a British Legacy




Indigenous leaders told not to 'have tantrums' over Uluru Statement rejection

Communist rebels say ‘no more talks’ with Philippines’ Duterte

Turnbull signals he would like to speed up income tax cuts; company tax to hit the Senate next

Australia to Add Half-Dozen Triton Spy Drones

Australia objects to China 'pressure' in Qantas decision

Pressure on Turnbull as China puts a cork in wine exports

Australia set to introduce new espionage laws

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pressures overseas worker into kissing him on lips at public event

Philippine foreign ministry warns Duterte will go to war with China if it crosses ‘red lines’ and claims disputed resources







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