Sorcha Faal Lecture Series

October/November 2021 lecture series to the Sisters of the Order titled “Total War: the Collapse of the United States and the Rise of Chaos”

It has only been through your kind support that we have been able to continue our mission to provide truth and knowledge to those lost in world chaos and contradiction.  As our thanks for your actions to support us, please accept our gift of this lecture by the Sorcha Faal to the Sisters of the Order .

For those of you new to this format, you just have to click on the icon next to the Sorcha Faal Lecture part you wish to hear whereupon an audio media player will appear at the bottom of this screen for you to use.

Those of you wishing to make your own CD of this Sorcha Faal Lecture are free to do so.  For those not having an MP3 recording application on your computer systems we highly recommend the Audacity recording application, and which is free and open sourced.

The lecture is now presented in two formats for your convenience, MP3 and WAV.

We thank you, again, for your kind and loving support which without we could not continue.

MP3 format file:

Sorcha Faal Lecture



WAV format file:


Sorcha Faal Lecture



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