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23 February 2024

A Very Strange State Of Affairs” Now Controls Fate Of World

Hello Folks,

In a video address on the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day this morning, President Putin issued a direct warning to the United States, NATO and the European Union: “Today, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the strategic nuclear forces has already reached 95%, while the naval component of the nuclear triad is at almost 100%...We have begun serial production of new Zircon hypersonic missiles...Trials of other offensive systems are nearing completion...Just the other day in Kazan, four Tu-160M missile carriers were transferred to the Armed Forces...In the general-purpose forces, we will also strive to keep the share of modern weapons and vehicles as high as possible...To repeat, this work is being carried out systematically and consistently”.

President Putin’s warning about Russian nuclear weapons capability was in direct response to Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen announcing: “We are working to make sure that everything goes smoothly this summer when we expect to be able to donate the first F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, provided preparations go as planned” and the news: “The German parliament, Bundestag, voted on Thursday in favor of a draft resolution submitted by factions of the ruling coalition on the supply of long-range weapons systems to Ukraine to destroy strategic targets in Russia's rear”.

What’s most important for you to know right now is that contrary to Western propaganda, President Putin isn’t an autocratic dictator able to make unilateral decisions on his own, in fact, Russia is one of the most legalistic countries in the world whose constitution and laws strictly define what its leaders are permitted to do—in the West, for example, where President Biden can seize Russian assets and impose sanctions with a stroke of the pen, President Putin must wait for Russian courts to decide such matters—this is best exampled today by a Russian arbitration court ordering the seizure of $1 billion in assests belonging to the German company Linde for failing to fullfill its contract, but before this order can be imposed, years of litigation remain before a final ruling is reached—and to avoid becoming ensnared for years in Russia’s complex legal system, is why you see news today like: “About 35% of Japanese companies operating in Russia continue doing business “as usual” despite Tokyo’s commitment to complying with Western sanctions”.

Because of past Russian Imperial and former Soviet Union leaders embroiling the country in costly and needless wars, the current Russian Federation constitution and its laws meticulously and precisely describe exactly what its leaders are to do in war, and they have no choice—this is documented in the Congressional Research Service (CRS) report “Russia’s Nuclear Weapons: Doctrine, Forces, and Modernization” updated on 21 April 2022—and in this United States government report provided to President Biden and every American lawmaker, it explains that if a nuclear weapon capable F-16 and/or long-range NATO weapon threatens Russian strategic nuclear bases, President Putin must immediately respond with a limited nuclear strike on NATO and American military bases in both the European Union and United States—President Putin must then wait for a response, and if a Western retaliatory nuclear weapons strike is detected, Russia will then launch its entire arsenal of nuclear weapons—which is why Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dimity Medvedev warned this week: “Attempts to restore Russia's 1991 borders will lead only to one thing - a global war with Western countries with the use of our entire strategic nuclear arsenal against Kyiv, Berlin, London, and Washington...And against all other beautiful historic places that have long been included in the flight targets of our nuclear triad”.

While wondering what kind of insane lunatics would provoke a Russia having the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, a strong clue about them was evidenced in the November-2021 news report: “Fleets of electric vehicles ready to shoulder the military's workload and slash greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decade -- that's what the Pentagon is hoping it can pull off as part of President Joe Biden's efforts to combat climate change, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said Monday...Tactical vehicles will first go hybrid, using a mix of fossil fuels and electricity, before making a full transition, while about 170,000 non-tactical cars and trucks used on military bases could go right to electric, Hicks said while touting the climate initiatives at Wayne State University in Michigan”—the Italian publication Le Figaro just reported: “Eco-friendly weapons provided to the Ukrainian military by the country’s foreign backers are sometimes unsuitable for the realities of the front and don’t come out well in an actual conflict...Some of the protective sheaths of electrical wires in the Western-supplied hardware are made of corn fiber that are being eaten by rodents”—and as for the ability of the Pentagon to make more weapons rodents can feast on, the just released American defense article “Fatal Flaws Undermine America’s Defense Industrial Base” revealed: “The first-ever US Department of Defense National Defense Industrial Strategy (NDIS) confirms what many analysts have concluded in regard to the unsustainable nature of Washington’s global-spanning foreign policy objectives and its defense industrial base’s (DIB) inability to achieve them....The report lays out a multitude of problems plaguing the US DIB including a lack of surge capacity, inadequate workforce, off-shore downstream suppliers, as well as insufficient “demand signals” to motivate private industry partners to produce what’s needed, in the quantities needed, when it is needed”.

With the American defense industrial base shattered to the extent it no longer produces TNT for its own artillery shells and hasn’t built a torpedo in decades, I found it amazing that ABC News yesterday published the article “US Estimates Ukraine Military Shortages Could Grow Catastrophic By Late March”, wherein it reported: “By spring, Ukraine faces a potentially catastrophic shortage of ammunition and air defenses that could effectively turn the tide of the war and lend Russian President Vladimir Putin a significant advantage, according to an internal U.S. estimate....Speaking on condition of anonymity, two U.S. officials described "late March" as being a particularly crucial time for the fate of Ukrainian troops if Congress doesn't pass a new aid bill”—and I found this article amazing because it didn't include the facts that this $60 billion aid bill for Ukraine first provides a little over $20 billion to replenish the American weapons already given to Kiev, it then gives $14 billion to Ukraine to purchase American weapons when and if they're produced, it gives $15 billion to Ukraine for support services such as military training and intelligence sharing, about $8 billion would go to help Ukraine’s government continue basic operations with a prohibition on money going toward pensions, and there’s about $1.6 billion to help Ukraine’s private sector.

Among those knowing the truth that this $60 billion aid bill for Ukraine couldn’t make a difference even if it was passed last year, specifically because it will take America years before they replenish their own stocks and have enough excess left to sell to Kiev, is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who yesterday factually stated: “The war will not end...Europe’s burden will become heavier, because financial support for Ukraine will decrease due to disputes in the US amid the presidential election...Supporting the Ukrainians has a huge political price...Farmers are revolting all over Europe, and almost nobody believes in the victory of the Ukrainians”—and today it was reported: “It’s an open secret that the Ukraine war and the EU's continued tens of billions sent to Kiev are becoming increasingly unpopular among the European public, and hard data is beginning to reveal just how much the discontent has risen...A new survey by no less than the (ultra-establishment entity) European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) has found not only are Europeans extremely pessimistic about Ukraine's chances of victory at this point, but more and more Europeans want to see their leaders push hard for negotiated peace...What's more is that the new poll included a wide array of people, with responses coming from 17,023 European citizens across a dozen EU-member states...Arguably the most stunning finding from the survey is that a mere 1 in 10 respondents said they think Ukraine can win the war against Russia”.

Unlike Americans, all Europeans were intently focused on last weeks Munich Security Conference, that was non-stop covered live by television news networks throughout the continent, where they watched Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky telling Western leaders: “Please do not ask Ukraine when the war will end...Ask yourself why Putin is still able to continue it...If Ukraine is left alone, Russia will destroy us”—they then watched top Ukrainian lawmaker Aleksey Goncharenko issuing the demand to United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “Once again I will say directly and openly: I support the return of nuclear weapons to Ukraine...And I believe that this is our only option for survival...We don’t need a thousand...We need 20 nuclear missiles”—and are Europeans knowing the grave implications of the American defense article “Ukraine’s Military Is Shifting To A Defensive Strategy That Failed Nazi Germany In World War II”.

One of the most important geopolitical intelligence corporations in the world is the Eurasia Group based in New York City, that reports on emerging markets including frontier and developed economies, in addition to establishing practices focused on geo-technology and energy issues—Director of Europe Jan Techau at the Eurasia Group attended the Munich Security Conference, and after listening to everything Western leaders told him about the Russia-Ukraine conflict, reported to his multi-billion dollar global corporation clients: “There is a sense of urgency, without a sense of action...It’s a very strange state of affairs”.

When someone reports to you about any group exhibiting “a sense of urgency without a sense of action”, they are describing a “fait accompli”, that is a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible—which means Western leaders have already decided what is going to happen, and as evidenced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declaring today: “Once Ukraine receives F-16 fighter jets it will be free to use them against military targets inside Russia”.

The “very strange state of affairs” now controlling the fate of the entire world sees the West preparing to allow Ukraine to ignite World War III by launching F-16 strikes against Russian nuclear strategic bases, which President Putin has no choice but to respond to by ordering nuclear strikes against NATO and the United States.

The Dear Sisters have kept you informed about these true things for over 20 years, but today need your support to continue, which you can provide by going below and giving what you can before it’s too late to stop this madness—and is madness that can be stopped if more people awaken to the apocalyptic future their demented and deranged leaders have planned for them.  

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can, and as always, please feel free to write me at [email protected] with any comments/questions/suggestions, remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line, or if requesting to be placed on the Sisters mailing list, put MAILING LIST in the subject line. 

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