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21 April 2023

Early Warning” Hidden From Americans Nearing “Bullets And A Backhoe” Future

Hello Folks,

After watching what the socialist Biden Regime has been doing since it seized power in early 2021, it was no surprise to see the just published article “US 'National Divorce' Appears To Already Be Happening”, and after watching what the socialist Democrat Party is doing in their Washington State stronghold, it also wasn’t surprising to see the just published article “Gun Store Running Out Of Almost Everything As Assault Weapon Ban Looms”—but to fully understand the present mindset of the American peoples, these recently published articles give clear guidance: “Trust In The Federal Government Falls Below A Majority For The First Time”, “Trust In U.S. Institutions Hits Record Low” and “Trust In Media Is So Low That Half Of Americans Now Believe That News Organizations Deliberately Mislead Them”.

To best understand the present of anything, you also have to look at the past, which is why I watched the video “RONALD REAGAN'S Speech NO ONE Wants To Hear” to see where the American mindset was just a generation and a half ago, and for further insight I turned to American historical author Jane Smiley, about whom her publisher Penguin Random House writes: “JANE SMILEY is the author of numerous novels, including A Thousand Acres, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and the Last Hundred Years Trilogy: Some Luck, Early Warning, and Golden Age…She is the author as well of several works of nonfiction and books for young adults…A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, she has also received the PEN Center USA Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature”.

Jane Smiley is famous for her “The Last Hundred Years Trilogy: A Family Saga” about American life, the most important of this trilogy being her book “Early Warning”, which is why I was gobsmacked upon discovering that Wikipedia wiped out its article about this famous novel of American life. 

Also wiped from existence by Wikipedia were all references to the 1981 movie “Early Warning”, whose plot summary reads: “A Christian woman (Delana Michaels) wants a newspaper man (Greg Wynne) to publish a story about a One World Foundation being set up whose only goal is to control the world…She wants him to warn people that this is coming and explain how it ties into the end times spoken about in the Bible…The newsman is opposed to such an idea until he sees the woman being pursued by the Foundation…As this adventure unfolds, the newspaper man begins to realize that what the woman is saying could be true…This evangelistic, classic end times film presents the truth about Jesus Christ and has interesting insight into what might be coming in the last days”.

In the short clip I’ve posted below from the forty-two year old movie “Early Warning”, you’ll notice how it eerily near exactly matches today’s demonic socialist-globalist ideology—and for those of you who doubt such demons exist and are gaining control over our world right now, you should know about Larry Grathwohl, who, in 1969, “became the only FBI informant known to have successfully penetrated the Weather Underground”—was a radical socialist terrorist organization made up of elite graduates and students from America’s most prestigious universities, all of whom are top supporters of the socialist Biden Regime—and like the former socialist regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, they have a “bullets and backhoe” solution for all who oppose them, as FBI informant Grathwohl revealed from their meetings he was a part of, wherein they openly discussed killing over 25 million Americans who refused to be reeducated.   






As reported to you by the Dear Sisters this week, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu shocked everyone around the globe when he truthfully proclaimed: “The whole world hates America”, and whose hatred is based on the world knowing that while the United States preaches its so-called democracy and democratic values, their intelligence services are the ones who pick the president, and also throws them out of power when they’re done with them—a truthful fact demonstrated this week when it was revealed that former acting CIA Director Mike Morell testified that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign played a role in the creation of an open letter – signed by 51 ex-intelligence officials – that aimed to discredit legitimate reports about the president's son Hunter in the lead-up to the 2020 US Presidential Election—a deliberate suppression of truth followed by the news: “One in six Biden voters would have changed their minds if they had known the full story...Had one of six voters not voted for Biden in the swing states, or voted for Trump instead, the election would have turned out differently”—and is a revelation now joined by the bombshell news that could also lead to the impeachment of President Biden: “The lawyer for the IRS whistleblower alleging the Biden administration is mishandling the federal investigation into Hunter Biden told Fox News on Thursday that his client is "not a political person" and does not have a "political agenda", but does have documents to support his allegations that he hopes to bring to both congressional Democrats and Republicans”.

Why the American intelligence community that put Biden into power now wants him ousted can be readily understood by putting together puzzle piece articles like: “The Man In Charge At The White House Isn’t Joe Biden”, “Majority Believes Biden Officials, Not The President, Are Secretly Running The Country”, “Young People Are Leaving Their Jobs In Record Numbers—And Not Going Back” and “FBI And Army Members Raided The Wrong Hotel Room During A Training Exercise And Detained A Guest Inside”.

Most helpful in putting these puzzle piece articles into their proper context to understand what’s really going in America is the recently declassified Central Intelligence Agency document “Guide To The Analysis Of Insurgency”, wherein about no one knowing if Biden is in control it warns about the insurgent forces: “Shadow government created to undermine authority of existing regime; political consolidation precedes military consolidation of contested areas”—about American young people leaving their jobs in record numbers it warns a major sign of an insurgency is: “Sudden departure of large numbers of young or skilled people for some form of training or indoctrination”—it lists the steps of insurgency as being: 1.) Preinsurgency, 2.) Organizational, 3.) Guerilla Warfare, and 4.) Mobile Conventional Warfare—and with FBI forces and the US Army now conducting joint raids, the present insurgency has reached the “Guerilla Warfare” stage, about which this CIA document states: “Low-level military action initiated…Political, soicalial, and economic reforms, civic action programs, psychological operations, and amnesty programs may be initiated to counteract the insurgent’s activities”.  





In a final analysis of the present state of America using its past as a guide, the present insurgency led by a radical socialist “shadow government” using “large numbers of young people” has, without any doubt, reached the stage of “Guerilla Warfare”, and is exactly why no sane American will dare step foot in a single socialist Democrat Party stronghold city. 

Using the past as guide to what the future may bring, it’s safe to say that the American intelligence and military communities were blindsided by the ferocity of this radical socialist insurgency, and who also know that counter-insurgence forces comprise tens-of-millions of heavily armed normal and sane Americans that are a whisper away from igniting a full-scale civil war that even “conventional military operations” will be unable to stop.

At this present time, based upon how past radical socialist insurgencies in America have been dealt with, the American intelligence and military communities will work for a political solution using whichever party affords them the best chance of survival, while at the same time they tighten the noose around the “shadow government” to extinguish it before it causes further damage—but which doesn’t account for foreign interference, that makes a global conflict more of a certainty from “The whole world that hates America”.     

More than anything else while this historic battle in America plays out, which will change the world forever, you need timely and truthful information like the Dear Sisters provide to you daily, but whose mission of truth will fail unless you aid them as much as you can today by going below and giving from your hearts and minds what you can, and in deciding what to do, remember that you aren’t on the sidelines of this war anymore, as you’re either a combatant or soon to be a victim.  

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can, and as always, please feel free to write me at [email protected] with any comments/questions/suggestions, remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line, or if requesting to be placed on the Sisters mailing list, put MAILING LIST in the subject line. 

All the best folks,








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