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Note: This is an urgent private letter intended for the sole and exclusive use of the patron/donors to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.


Trump Throws Leftists Into Chaos After Committing Crimestop Thought Offense 


27 December 2019

Hello Folks,

As many of us astute followers of President Donald Trump fully expected him to do, he “went there” yesterday and retweeted a Washington Examiner article that openly named CIAwhistleblowerEric Ciaramella—and as most often happens these days, saw me referencing my copy of Orwell On Truth upon hearing what Trump had done to glean the greater truth and meaning about what has just occurred—which led me to Orwell’s most apt description of people like Trump that says: “The imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity.”—and by freeing his imagination from captivity sees Trump exhibiting Orwell’s maxim: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.”—and in doing so, saw Trump committing the grave leftist offense Orwell described as: “Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought.

By Trump’s failing to adhere to the “Crimestop” orthodoxy mandating that CIAwhistleblowerEric Ciaramella is a name never to be uttered, the leftist news monitoring site Mediaite collapsed into chaotic lunacy and wrote the words: “Several conservative outlets to date have identified the person alleged to be the whistleblower…No major news organization has yet reported the name.”—a reference to the “conservative outletFox News where Ciaramella had already been named—and is the same Fox News whose ratings blows all of its competition into dust—thus making it the very definition of a “major news organization”—as opposed to the ratings collapse disaster of leftist MSNBC whose top host Rachel Maddow has just been eviscerated by none other than The Washington Post, who methodically documented and exposed all of the Trump-Russia lies she’s been telling her brainwashed viewers for years. 



I think I’d be safe in assuming that many of you have been infected with “Crimestop” orthodoxy, too—after all, who of us hasn’t had our minds torn as to if we even dare say a truth knowing the backlash it could bring against us—or in some places even lead us to be criminally charged with an offense because we called someone by the wrong pronoun, inadvertently offended someone’s snowflake beliefs, or at the very worst, call these leftist maniacs what they really are, LIARS—and as I told you about a fortnight ago, is a truth they’ll stop at nothing to destroy you for telling. 

The “Crimestop” guardians overwatching all of us is an army of leftist journalists who’ve self appointed themselves as the thought police, prosecutors, judges and juries over society—and upon a thought crime being discovered, assemble themselves into a socialist mob that descends upon any offender they find to destroy them—no matter if they’re minor school childrencelebrities who have found religionsmall companieslarge corporations—or even the President of the United States.   

Now I believe that many of you will agree with my using Orwell to describe Trump as a “wild animal” who “will not breed in captivity”—but to best understand this analogy, you should know that what he’s “breeding” are fearless people who will stand up like him and confront these leftist “Crimestop” thought police journalist overlords head on with the truth—all of whom are basically idiots trapped in their own insane socialist ideology to the point that Los Angeles Times leftist journalist Eli Stokols wept like a baby this week when he wrote: “As a White House reporter, I often can’t recall what the story was two days ago…Thinking back to January is overwhelming.”—and who was joined by other socialist journalists this week crying about “the insane news cycles of 2019 that move too fast”—none of whom seem to know how real journalists in the past covered fast moving news cycles like occurred in World War I and World War II—or too many other fast moving news cycles over the past century dealing with everything from US presidential assassinations to the Soviet Union collapsing. 



To these socialist journalists weeping because the news is “overwhelming” and it’s “moving too fast” for them to keep up, I’d strongly suggest they visit our site every day to see not only what’s happening today, but what’s most likely to occur tomorrow—all of which we’re able to do without their vast and mighty resources because it’s easy to tell the truth when your only news objective is honesty and fairness.

My own personal experience in journalism, should you like to know, began in 1974  when I bought a used 1971 automobile called the Hillman Avenger—which in the mid-1970’s were owned by tens-of-thousands of young British blokes like me—with all of us having our trusted oil-stained and page-tattered Chilton's Foreign Car Repair Manual: French, British, and Japanese Cars to keep these rattletraps running when they broke down—which probably explains why out of the millions of them built, by 2016 only 260 of them were still on British roads. 

The lifelong lesson I learned in this experience was that in everything one does, make sure you have a repair manual handy in case something breaks down—a particularly apt lesson for you Americans to remember during these turbulent times, as astoundingly The Constitution of the United States entrusted to your safekeeping by your Founding Fathers came complete with its own repair manual called The Federalist Papers—wherein it’s firmly noted: “Freedom of speech and of the press served one purpose in America: To remove the fear of the common law doctrine of seditious libel so citizens could freely speak or publish without license their grievances against public policy or conduct of public officials.

What “freedom of speech and of the press” doesn’t protect are these lying corrupt socialist idiots calling themselves journalists and the leftist publications paying them—and is why Trump keeps calling them out for what they really are, “Fake News”—but to destroy before they can cause any more damage, needs YOU turning away from them and supporting those of us still battling to keep the truth flowing to all who need their minds freed like yours has been.

Yesterday, Sister Ciara sent out her monthly plea for your support to keep this mission of truth ongoing—which I hope you read and listen to with your yearning to be free minds and souls—and for those of you who’ve aided us, THANK YOU—and for those of you who still haven’t, please go below and give whatever you can today as your kind heart leads.       

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can, and, as always, please feel free to write me at [email protected] with any comments/questions/suggestions, remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,








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