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Note: This is a private letter intended for the sole and exclusive use of the patron/donors to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.


How Insane Can America Become And Still Be Able To Survive?

24 February 2018

Hello Folks,

Like I’m sure many of you have thought too after reading Sister Ciara’s special report Memory Wiping Of American People Poses Grave Global Threat, I began to question how much longer can America survive when its obviously going insane—and that’s defined as a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction.

Seriously, and like Sister Ciara and thousands of others have documented, what gives with the “powers that be” going into such a panic over a supposed Florida school shooting survivor named David Hogg (who became a liberal media darling for his anti-gun stance) that they’re banning every video asking how he could have been a student at this massacre site when the facts prove he graduated from a California high school in 2015?


David Hogg (second row middle) pictured as graduating senior in 2015 Redondo Shores High School yearbook


Even, one of the most popular alternative media sits in America, has been caught up in this panic for their having posted a video titled “David Hogg Can't Remember His Lines In TV Interview”—that was quickly banned (but you can view it HERE) and who are now being threatened that they will have their entire YouTube channel terminated forever.

This panic has, also, overcome nearly everyone else in America—with one of the more stupefying examples occurring at Oberlin High School in Oberlin, Louisiana, where police were called this week to investigate a student who (And seriously, you can’t make this up!) used the math symbol that denotes a square root—but sent other students into spasms of insanity because they said “it looked like a gun”.


Square root symbol first documented being used nearly 4,000 years ago on a Babylonian clay tablet dated between 1800 BC and 1600 BC.


In my trying to understand how insane America has actually become, and why, I came upon this letter sent to us this week—that’s about as non-politically correct as you can get, but that I’ll let you decide the merits of:

From Patriot Alan:


With the constant barrage of anti-gun/ gun reform talk going on I feel the main point is being missed. The problem is not guns; it is the acceptance of mental illness as a lifestyle.


We used to live in a world where we clearly defined what mental illness is. Today we are being told that children can change their gender, that fat people aren't fat, that everyone is special and that we can all be/do whatever we want.


The problem is that the left, democrats and liberals are constantly telling lies. Telling everyone that everything they ever learned was wrong and that what they are saying now is right.


Muslims are good, tyrannies are normal, little boys dressing in wigs and makeup is perfectly fine. That grown men pretending to be little girls is fine. That anyone can be any race they want.


Sex and violence have become so prevalent on TV, in movies and dressing like prostitutes is okay, that we have fundamentally demoralized entire generations of people into believing that every taboo, crime, and mental illness is just you being you.


Guns have been a part of society for a very long time. So have knives, swords, gun powder, sticks and rocks, bows and arrows and any number of other weapons.


These OBJECTS have not changed at all. They have arguably become safer over the years, but they haven't changed. Society has changed. People have changed but the objects haven't.


If society wants to fix the violence that is prevalent nowadays we need to get our moral compass back. We need to stop handcuffing everyone into being a soft, passive, feminine version of themselves. We need to allow a parent to spank. Allow cops to get rough. Allow people to call a spade a spade instead of sitting shriveled in a corner hoping to never hurt someone’s feelings or upsetting someone’s delicate sense of being.


When a police officer shoots an unarmed black man no one comes out and blames the gun. They blame the person. When a boat crashes into something, the boat is not blamed but the person steering it is. When a drunk driver gets into an accident and kills someone, the car is not blamed. The driver is. So why when a crazy person shoots up a gun free zone is the gun blamed but not the person?


Society is destined to fail if we refuse to admit that we are headed for a pussified version of itself. A world where we walk on eggshells whenever we talk to people for fear of losing our jobs or getting the cops called because someone’s feelings are hurt.


We need men to be men and women to be women.


We don't need women in law enforcement. Most women cops can't hold their own against a 6'2" 250lb male suspect who wants to fight.


Trannies and women don't belong in the armed forces. We took a group of mentally ill people and said they were normal and then gave them access to some of the most powerful weapons on the face of the planet.


Women don't belong in the fire department.


Yes some women (very, very few) can do these jobs but the majority of them are useless quota fillers who have no business being anywhere near guns or criminals or fires or any of it.


Sometimes a kid needs to be smacked. Sometimes a fat person needs to be called fat. Sometimes you act like a retard. Sometimes you are a fag. Sometimes you need to tell someone to stop acting like a little bitch.


Life isn't fair. No one ever said it was and no one ever promised it would be. Grow up and get over it.



While we all can debate how insane America can become and still be able to survive as a nation, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out to you that this Florida school shooting is allowing the “powers that be” to wipe out thousands more independent and alternative news sources—with those few sites that will survive this latest purge, most certainly, now going to be censoring themselves so that they, too, won’t be wiped out.  

What YOU can do to fight back against this insanity, and as people have done throughout history, is to support those, like us, who refuse to give in and accept this tyranny—after all, and as nearly all of you know—the Sisters NEVER became a part of this Google-Facebook-YouTube-Twitternew world” choosing, instead, to rely on YOU, and YOU alone, for support.

By their putting their faith in YOU, the Sisters, for nearly two-decades, have sacrificed hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in revenue they could have earned from this “new world” media structure—but who sleep better at night because they’d rather keep telling the truth than be paid to keep silent and tell lies—and that I hope YOU reward them for doing so by placing as much trust in them as they do in YOU and giving what you can to help them now. 

As always too, please feel free to write me at [email protected] with any comments/questions/suggestions and remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,






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