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America Gets Mad Dog Warning—But Is Anyone Listening?

 “When you’re going to a gunfight, bring all your friends with guns.”

US Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis - American combat war veteran and former government official who served as the 26th United States Secretary of Defense

Special Report from Sister Ciara


My Dearest Friends:

Of the many decades of precious life our Lord has granted me, I have found as true the Ecclesiastes cyclical warning of all things that there indeed is: “A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.”—and in knowing this truth, allows me to then see and understand that our world today is in a “time of hate” and “time of war”.

This is a fact even acknowledged as true by the American people, who are saying from within their sharply divided country that next year’s presidential campaign will be a sobering test of the fundamental values of the United States—and whose majority on both sides are calling this election the most important of their lifetimes—all of whom are awaiting it with dread. 



Joining the American people in dread about what is soon to befall their nation is one of their greatest military leaders of the past half century, United States Marine General James Mattis—who, in his soon to be released book “Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead”, warned his nation’s citizens:

What concerns me most as a military man is not our external adversaries; it is our internal divisiveness.

We are dividing into hostile tribes cheering against each other, fueled by emotion and a mutual disdain that jeopardizes our future, instead of rediscovering our common ground and finding solutions.

All Americans need to recognize that our democracy is an experiment—and one that can be reversed. We all know that we’re better than our current politics. Tribalism must not be allowed to destroy our experiment.



There are those, you should know, that don’t want the American people to hear the warnings General Mattis is trying to convey, and are doing everything they can to obscure and distort them—and is why today you’ll see such headlines as “Mattis Takes Swipe At Trump In New Book: "I Did As Well As I Could For As Long As I Could”—a headline deceptively excerpted from his actual full sentence: "I did as well as I could for as long as I could, but when my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign."

For anyone to maintain that General Mattistook a swipe at Trump” by using the words “when my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign”, they fail to note to whom he was exactly referencing—but that Mattis himself makes clear in his own words that he wrote in a Wall Street Journal essay titled “Duty, Democracy And The Threat Of Tribalism”—an essay, however, that’s trapped behind an expensive (bare minimum $234 a year) and sophisticated artificial intelligence paywall the vast majority of the American people can’t afford to penetrate.

As most of YOU know, though, your aid allows us to penetrate all such paywalls, and is why I can tell you in Mattis’s own words exactly what he meant—and that begins by his stating:

Nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither. 

Alone, America cannot protect our people and our economy. 

At this time, we can see storm clouds gathering.

A polemicist’s role is not sufficient for a leader. 

A leader must display strategic acumen that incorporates respect for those nations that have stood with us when trouble loomed.

Returning to a strategic stance that includes the interests of as many nations as we can make common cause with, we can better deal with this imperfect world we occupy together.

Absent this, we will occupy an increasingly lonely position, one that puts us at increasing risk in the world.




The unmistakable “key” to deciphering exactly what General Mattis meant he provided himself by stating:

I could see that the background drummed into me as a Marine would need to be adapted to fit my role as a civilian secretary.  It now became even clearer to me why the Marines assign an expanded reading list to everyone promoted to a new rank:

That reading gives historical depth that lights the path ahead.  Books like the “Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant,” “Sherman” by B.H. Liddell Hart and Field Marshal William Slim’s “Defeat Into Victory” illustrated that we could always develop options no matter how worrisome the situation.

Slowly but surely, we learned there was nothing new under the sun: Properly informed, we weren’t victims—we could always create options.

Woe to the unimaginative one who, in after-action reviews, takes refuge in doctrine.  The critiques in the field, in the classroom or at happy hour are blunt for good reasons.

Personal sensitivities are irrelevant. 

No effort is made to ease you through your midlife crisis when peers, seniors or subordinates offer more cunning or historically proven options, even when out of step with doctrine.



When military historians, defense ministers and generals the world over saw General Mattis using the words “Books like the “Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant,” “Sherman” by B.H. Liddell Hart” in this Wall Street Journal essay, all of them were left with no doubt at all about what he is warning about—as for anyone of knowing to even mention the name of Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart (31 October 1895 – 29 January 1970), they are giving notice that only by subterfuge can what they’re really saying being understood.

Known to history as “The Captain Who Taught Generals”, Sir Liddell Hart (commonly known as British Captain B. H. Liddell Hart) wrote the book “Strategy” that is rightly called “the seminal work of military history and theory, and a perfect companion to Sun-tzu’s The Art of War and Carl von Clauswitz’s On War”—a companion to his other great work titled “Why Don't We Learn from History?”—both of which combined to eviscerate the United States for pulling its military forces out of Russia in 1920 that allowed the communists to take control of this nation—and was an outright betrayal by the United States of a Russian nation that, just 57 years earlier, in 1863, sent its massive war fleets to both the Eastern and Western coasts of America to protect it during their Civil War when it was discovered that both the British Empire and France had massed troops in Canada and Mexico, were going to invade the already in turmoil US, and then divide it up between them. 


The American people, to this very day, are not being told the truth that without Russian protection, their nation would have ceased to exist in 1863.


With Sir Liddell Hart’s warning the United States how catastrophic their betrayal of Russia actually was, it couldn’t have come at a better time than the eve of World War II—and that caused the Americans to seek an alliance with the communists in control of Russia (that was called the Soviet Union) to fight against both Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan—that cost the lives of between 20-40 million Russian peoples—as opposed to the United States who only lost a little over 407,000 of their citizens—but that saw, for the second time in less than a century, Russia saving the United States from total destruction again.


The American people, to this very day, are not being told the truth that without Russian protection, their nation would have ceased to exist in 1945.


With it being the undisputable truth that without Russia, the United States would have ceased to exist twice over between their Civil War and World War II, one can then clearly understand what General Mattis meant when he warned “we can see storm clouds gathering”—“nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither”—and further warned that “alone, America cannot protect our people and our economy”—the cure for which he intoned would take leaders who “offer more cunning or historically proven options, even when out of step with doctrine”—but is being prevented from occurring by a “divided into hostile tribes cheering against each other, fueled by emotion and a mutual disdain that jeopardizes our future”—thus making it more than understandable why he said “when my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign”—a resignation that came with his knowing full well that the United States can’t win a war against both Russia and China.



You might not know this truth, but the fact is the “window for war” between the United States and China has been open for a long time now—a war that today sees President Donald Trump following the exact same path that President Franklin Roosevelt did when launched an economic trade war against the Empire of Japan—an economic trade war the Empire of Japan responded to by making a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that plunged the United States into World War II—and today likewise sees Chinese President Xi Jinping having already given his army its first order of 2019: “be ready for battle”.

Using history as a guide, like General Mattis is doing today, and Sir Liddell Hart did before him, in order to prevent a catastrophic war, America must come to its senses and awaken to the reality that the ONLY ally it has powerful enough to keep Communist China from attacking them is Russia—a nation where President Vladimir Putin has “presided over the triumph of Christianity” for its 145 million citizens living in the largest country on Earth having the largest worth in the world of $75 trillion that makes it impossible to sanctionremains the world’s biggest grain exporter—and that also happens the have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

This reality, of course, is known to President Trump—who, even before he was elected, has been trying to unite America back with the Christian peoples and government of Russia before it’s too late—but sees arrayed against him a leftist-socialist establishment that can’t do enough to sing the praises of a godless Communist Chinese regime that destroys Christian churches, jails its pastors, and who are now even rewriting the Bible—while at the same time, they have thrown millions of their Muslim citizens into genocidal concentration camps where they’re tortured and exterminated—and whose only true worth to the world are the cheap goods they make with slave labor.

I wish I could tell you that this is the first time in American history its leftist-socialist establishment tried to destroy a President trying to make peace with Russia, but I can’t—because the horrible truth is, that just prior to World War II, these leftist-socialists sided with Nazi Germany—and were led by The New York Times who kept from the American people how the Nazis were exterminating the Jewish population in Europe.



The only saving grace for America during these darkest times were its Christian citizens—who funded their missionaries throughout the world—who, in turn, would send back their letters from a gearing up for total war Europe—which these Christian churches would then copy and pass out freely in order to keep the truth flowing in world where “the storm clouds were gathering” like they are today—and is why we do what we do.  

By your reading my words, I can’t help but believe that God has sent you here to read them like He did for your ancestors, who read similar true things during their darkest times written by those like us who risk everything and have nothing—with my only not knowing how many of you will heed His Guiding Words that say “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”—and is a Presence my fondest hope for you is that you won’t turn away from.

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

29 August 2019



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