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War For Freedom Enters Final Stage

 “Nobody these days holds the written word in such high esteem as police states do.”

 Italo Calvino (1923-1985)

Special Report from Sister Ciara

There are but a few moments in ones lifetime when a person is faced with a genuine moral dilemma between doing what is right, and what is safe.  As most of you are aware, however, these moments are becoming all too common in these turbulent times, and with each passing day are accelerating at a breakneck speed so terrifying any normal person can be excused for wanting everything to stop.

The rare exceptions are those who have put their freedom, indeed their very lives, at stake so that the truth can be told…no matter what the price.

One such person is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who will appear before the world’s media today while being a virtual prisoner in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London where he faces arrest and eventual life imprisonment in solitary confinement in the United States, all for his daring to stand up for the truth in his belief that everyone has the right to know what is really going on.   

Standing against Assange, and freedom, are the most powerful corporations of the world and their elite political puppets who have for the past nearly 2 ½ years have waged an unprecedented, and illegal, war against WikiLeaks driving them to brink of extinction. In WikiLeaks own words today: “We are forced to put all our efforts into raising funds to ensure our economic survival. For almost a year we have been fighting an unlawful financial blockade. We cannot allow giant US finance companies to decide how the whole world votes with its pocket. Our battles are costly. We need your support to fight back.”

Another such person is Justin Raimondo, who as the founder and editor of AntiWar.Com writes on his website today: “Unlike the War Party and its journalistic vanguard, we don't have corporate millions bankrolling our operation. We depend on you to keep us going. And the need for has never been greater – because the warmongers are rarin' to launch yet another disastrous war.”

Standing between the corporate/elitist destruction of Assange, Raimondo, and so many other modern freedom fighters, is you.

Unfortunately most of you are missing from this war and have yet to stand up and be counted mistakenly believing that somehow you’ll be protected from the horrors to come as long as you keep your head (indeed your mind) as far down as possible so that no one will notice you.

During the late 1920’s and 1930’s the Sisters of Sorcha Faal, just like we’re doing today, began warning people about the horrors that were to come, and even though it cost many good Sisters their lives, the few that were saved were more than worth the effort.

But as you know all too well, the vast majority of people neither heeded our warnings nor believed them.  After all, they reasoned, the terrifying future we painted for them could not possibly happen!

It DID happen though, and for those who didn’t listen to the many warnings they were given (who were the vast majority) their suffering was beyond imagination as the horrors they faced were even worse than what even we had predicted.

What happened before though doesn’t have to happen again…that is unless you want it to. 

In any war, the most feared enemies of those in power are truth and information, neither of which they want you to know, much less use to protect yourself.

That is why those like us are persecuted and prosecuted for daring to let you know what is really happening. After all, people that are informed and knowledgeable about what is happening will not let these elite tyrants succeed.

Unless you want them to, that is.

Like WikiLeaks and AntiWar.Com, we too are suffering and are in danger of being destroyed. 

Is this what you want?  A world where one day you’ll wake up and the only “truth” and “information” you receive is that which has been pre-approved?

To see what that type of world looks like look no further than Afghanistan, where under Western corporate “guidance” the new history textbooks being approved for their children fail to mention the historical facts of: 1.) The 1979 Soviet invasion of their country. 2.) The 2002 US-NATO invasion of their country. 2.) Their civil war after the Soviets withdrew that killed over 1 million. 

Even in the supposed Western bastion of free speech and press liberty, the United States, it is now being reported that the “mainstream” press stories you read have to be pre-approved by the Obama regime, which doesn’t really matter because Obama and Romney have the exact same plan for America so it doesn’t matter who they elect as their next president.

Now as this war for your freedom enters its final stage, and as the storms of war and economic collapse grow ever stronger, it is now time for everyone to join the battle for truth…even YOU!

Unlike us, however, you can still (at least) stay protected, but we can’t.  And in order for us to survive we need your help.

Turn away if you’d like, that’s certainly your choice, but remember…when the day comes and we’re gone, and all of the other sites like ours are gone too, just remember that it was you who wanted it that way.

With God

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland

19 August 2012

If every one of you reading this gave just $20.00 our budget for the entire year would be met!  So, before you click away, ask yourself this simple question….if your knowing the truth about what is happening now, and what will be happening isn’t worth 5 US pennies a day what is?         



(Please note that those who respond to this appeal, in any amount, will receive, at no charge, Sorcha Faal’s August, 2012/September, 2012 lecture series to the Sisters of the Order titled “Total War: the Collapse of the United States and the Rise of Chaos: Part 28”.  This is another one of the Sorcha Faal’s most important lectures dealing with the coming timelines of war, famine, catastrophic Earth changes and disease as predicted by ancient prophecies.)


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